Friday, April 30, 2010

How to train your day to have good Etiquettes

Tips On How To Train Your Dog To Be Etiquette Savvy

If you want to know how to train your dog, start with etiquette. This is the basis for more advanced training.

It can be a problem though. Who can reject that perky attitude and excitable nature that all puppies bring with them? They are just too irresistible for you not to give them that extra bite from your dinner plate.

If you do not stop your puppy from doing things like begging, stealing, barking and racing around the house, you will have big problems to deal with when he grows up. Your dog will learn from your lack of intervention that he can do whatever he wants and what you want does not matter.

Imagine having company and your dog paws at them or jumps up and tries to steal food right off of their fork. It has been known to have to happen. Or consider the end result if you're now small puppy jumps up on visitors when he is big. You could be in for some hefty clothing repair and cleaning charges.

Your dog will develop the attitude that he is the boss. For you, that means you will run into all kinds of problems during your training sessions and beyond. Your puppy will grow to become unruly, demanding, and exhibiting various forms of bad behavior.

5 tips on how to train your dog to be etiquette savvy

1. Teach him from the very first time that he is not allowed to jump up on people. Advise everyone to ignore him when he does this because to show him any form of attention will only encourage his bad behavior.

2. Stop him from begging. Show him where he can stay while you are eating. Never allow him to sit at your feet while you're at the dinner table. Same goes for snacking on the couch. Make sure he understands that his begging will not be rewarded with treats.

3. Do not allow him to race around when someone comes to the door. He must learn to be quiet and relaxed. One method you can use involves having another person hold him on a leash several feet away from the door. When he begins jumping around and barking, the person will give the leash a small jerk to divert his attention.

4. Prevent your puppy from ravaging your house from the very beginning. You want to deter him from racing through the house, bouncing across cushions and streaming out your roll of toilet paper in his exuberance. Take the time to introduce him to the entire house one room at a time. This will harness his high energy that comes from having all of that unfamiliar space to romp in.

5. Secure him on car rides. A romping puppy or grown dog in a moving vehicle can be dangerous. You can become distracted and during sudden stops, your dog can be injured. The best method is to use a crate with toys to keep him busy and a comfortable blanket to lie on.

Etiquette is just the beginning. You'll soon learn that if you want to know all there is about how to train your dog, you'll need to continue seeking advice from the right people.

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