Friday, April 30, 2010

Insight to Belgian Tervuren Dog

Belgian Tervuren Dog

The Belgian Tervuren dog has a square shaped body and is seen with a beautiful ruff. The skull is parallel to the muzzle on the top line. This dog has tight black lips and the teeth meet in a level or scissor bite. The eyes are oval and dark brown. The ears are pointy and triangular in shape, with height and width equal. The chest is deep and reaches the elbow. Legs should be straight and have feathering; this takes your eye to the cat like feet. The tail is full and strong reaching the hock, there is also an abundance hair on the tail. The coat is double long with guard hair. The harsh coat is medium to long, but on the head and outer ears being shorter. The undercoat is dense and the outer coat is straight with black tips. The males have a mane that is prominent whereas in the females it is not so prominent. Colours include shades of grey with black tips and rich fawn to russet mahogany, and a black mask. Small amounts of white on the chest are also allowed.

History: This dog is named after the village it fist came from, the village of Tervuren. This is one of the four Belgian sheepdogs. These are dogs that share the same standards in most countries, but it is different in the USA. This dog was first used as a sheepdog but their talent is now used in police work in various roles. They work best as a working dog. Obedience, agility, tracking and herding are to name but a few. With great intelligence and lots of energy it loves to work.

Temperament: This dog needs experienced owners for it to be happy and for you to gain the best from this dog. With its high energy and keenness to learn it is not a dog to lie around and be happy. This dog needs to be socialized well from a young age. This breed needs great leadership and firm rules. It can be a good family pet, but you will need to use up that energy and bright intelligence, to allow a well balanced dog. Some of their need is to be part of the family. Careful thought has to go into non-canine pets. They are often dominating of other dogs and great care and training is needed around this issue. The herding instinct needs to be stopped and not allowed. If this dog is not stopped, as a herding dog, they can be very nippy around the ankles while trying to herd the family.

Health issues: Issues that can happen are skin problem like allergies, epilepsy, eye problems and excessive aggression or shyness. Keeping this dog to a strict meal allowance as it can become obese. Rarely, you can see hip or elbow dysplasia.

Grooming: This coat will require daily grooming. Make sure you clip out any mats as they start. The males shed twice a year and more grooming is needed around this time, whereas the females shed once a year. Have one day a week, where you really work on the dog's coat, for that better and easier care the rest of the week.

Living conditions: If this breed has the right amount of exercise daily it can live in an apartment. It will benefit from a garden and cool climate but can live in other climates. It can live out doors but would rather live with its family of humans.

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