Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is it a good idea to treat dogs with turkey

When it comes to feeding food scraps to a dog, there are many different opinions about what is safe and what is not. Responsible pet owners should always exercise caution when feeding food to their pets, but some foods are safe for a dog. As for Turkey, it is important to use moderation and be aware of what part of Turkey, the dog eats.
Whatever type of leftovers is a dog to eat, it is important to avoid foods that are high in fat. Digestive system of a dog is simply not equipped to handle food, have lots of fat. In addition, fatty foods cause excessive weight gain, which can cause its own set of problems on the roads.
A major problem with Turkey is that the skin is very rich in fat, making it very difficult for a dog to digest certain. There are also signs that Turkey can eat cause fatal inflammation of the pancreas in dogs. If someone decides to allow their dog to eat a small amount of Turkey, they must ensure that all the skin removed before giving the dog.
It is safe for a dog to be fed cooked turkey respond with moderation. But if a dog develops a real taste of Turkey, it is a lot safer to give them the taste of turkey products intended for consumption by dogs. In any shop for pets, there are many opportunities for things like addresses and bones that have a taste for Turkey without the dangerous side effects.
It may seem unlikely, but if there is a part of Turkey to be kept out of the dog at any price, it's bone. Turkey and chicken bones splinter very easily and the pieces can be inserted into the intestines, which causes many health problems, complex and dangerous. After having served a turkey, it is essential immediately to put the bones in an airtight container, garbage proof dog.
Each time a pet owner decides to give their dog leftovers, they must be aware of fat, and make sure there are no dangerous consequences for the dog. In moderation, it's okay for a dog to have small amounts of cooked turkey, but they should never be allowed to have bones. Leaving a dog bite or turkey legs let them eat the skin can lead to unnecessary health problems and dangerous.

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