Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Learn few tips on how to make your Horse coat shine

Step 1: Nutrition
A beautiful fur starts with what is inside your horse. No amount of grooming will make your horse look beautiful when he did not receive the proper nutrition. A diet rich in omega 3 and omega-6 fatty acids is the first step in achieving a healthy coat. There are many ways to achieve this, and you have a veterinarian should be consulted before any changes in the diet of your horse. Your horse should be fed with a high quality form of feed (usually either alfalfa or hay), together with a concentrate (grain), which contains at least 7% fat and 14% protein. I recommend a pill with 9% fat, which you can find.
To this add one daily cup of black oil sunflower seeds, one cup brown linseed, half a cup of whole maize oil, and 1:59 tbsp paprika. (Warning: Paprika is a false positive on a drug test cause, so use with caution.) Paprika is designed to prevent your horse's coat from fading in direct sunlight, so a horse that is not reversed in the grass during the day can not use this supplement. Besides these, do not forget your horse to provide a trace mineral block with zinc and copper, both of which influence coat condition. If your horse eats hay only useful for a small amount (about half cup to add) of alfalfa pellets to feed your horse ration.
There are also a number of commercially available products that can do the same as the above recipe. Personally I am a big fan of "Dac Oil is one of the best kept secrets halter industry. This thing is amazing, and I can not say enough good things about!. Now image and Super 14 will operate smoothly!
Step 2: Serpent
No horse may be a shiny coat as his belly full of parasites and its nutrient leeching! It is important that all horses kept at an appropriate deworming schedule. Your veterinarian can help you develop an appropriate program for parasite control in the region where you live. Most of the top show stables or use of a daily worming pills product in their horses feed, or give their horses a paste worming pills every four to six weeks.
Step 3: Grooming
A healthy horse should shine in the sun, although he never felt the touch of a brush, but the daily care will greatly multiply your results! Top show horses have cared as much as two hours a day. Fortunately it is not strictly necessary. Fifteen to twenty minutes a day brushing should be sufficient to remove dirt and dust from the coat of your horse and to encourage the oil glands are healthy, shiny oil production. You need to curry your horse with a rubber curry brush. It is a very important step because it removes dead hair and dirt. This brings the oils in his coat on the surface. Follow this with a stiff brush used to clean the hair loose and just delete. Then use a soft brush to all remaining traces of dust and "Polish" your horse's coat. Finally, you can rub your horse's entire body with a soft cloth / towel. This will be circulated around all the oil and make the coat shiny and super soft. If you have access to a vacuum horse care, this will also greatly improve the appearance of his coat. The blower attachment from the vacuum cleaner helps to remove all dust and vacuum will further strengthen its oil glands.
Step 4: Protect hair
Now that you got your dream coat, be sure to strictly protected. Ideal for a jacket, it's best to keep your horse in between, at nine hours and seventeen, as the bright, direct rays from the sun, the coat of your horse terrible bleach. If this is not possible, keep your horse covered with a light sheet (in colder climates) or a mesh tent outside (in warmer areas) to prevent damage from sun I suggest that you spray it daily with a moisturizing horses a sunscreen product that contains. Avoid using silicone based "shine spray" on the coat of your horse. These are acceptable for occasional use at exhibitions, but not recommended for daily use, as they effectively seal the hair follicle and prevent absorption of moisture. Keep soapy bath to a minimum (not more than once a month, or for exhibitions), because it unnecessarily strip oil from the coat. If your horse is sweating, you're welcome to hose him with clean water (as it can dull hair and sweat), but no shampoo or soap.
If these simple instructions, you need a horse shining like a champ in no time. You can bet your next show, competition or trail riding all eyes will be on your beautiful, shiny and would your horse some ask how we managed to get it all! Good luck and ride!

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