Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things you need to know for bathing your horse

Give your horse a bath is like washing your car. You start on the left front, work your way down one side, roof washing, washing back make sure not to miss under the car and go to the other side. If you forget some places, you'll say. The horses need the same attention to detail for good results. Some of the tools you need are:

1.A strong pressure pipe in water, preferably one with access to a hot tap water so that you can use a lever and can combine both hot and cold water for horses prefer hot to cold water.
2. Two buckets, at least three gallons,
3. Two sponges also have some flexibility that is more efficient,
4.The sweat scraper and a good shampoo for horses. It is a shampoo that is designed to clean your horse thoroughly with small quantities of products and easily washed.
Being clean is certainly not a priority in the life of a horse. In fact, roll in mud or dust is their choice. Probably dirt turnover is linked to scratches and protect against biting flies and nuisance flies.
The first to give your horse a bath is to fill your two buckets of cold water with a bucket of shampoo and a sponge and other bucket with warm water and a clean wipe sponge. Either put your horse on the rails wash rack, or someone hold your horse standing directly in front of the horse. Use the hose and start behind the ears and start the pipe body of the horse being sure not to get water into the ears of horses. Water in the ear are not acceptable. Make sure you stand below their bellies, between their legs, their hindquarters up and wet under their hind legs, below the tail along the length of their legs. Read the story you should also shampoo their tails, and it helps some horses rub. Go to other parts of the horse and do exactly the same thing.
Start with the bucket with the shampoo with water. Sponge head of horses in front, under the jaw and behind the ears and between the ears. When you're done, take the sponge in the bucket of others that clean water and rinse your face thoroughly horse plunging the sponge in water, rinse the head repeatedly until all the shampoo is gone.
Then, hold the bucket with the shampoo with water in your left hand with your right hand, keep sinking into the water and sponge the horse cover the bodies of horses and their legs down the inside and outside their back, tail up under their belly and between her feet up under their tails, long hind legs for nail then the other side. When you reach the ridge on the other side of the horse, do the tail. Start at the top of the tail with sponge and soap running down to the end of the tail. Rub the surface of the tail with soapy water and your fingers.
Finally, using your new pipe, it is not necessary to rinse the horses' heads, the rest of their bodies, be sure to spray under the belly, between their legs, under tail, flush the tail until the water runs clear. After you make the sweat scraper and scrub their bodies, not their legs and get as much excess water as possible. Do not put your horse or put it to stall until they are dry as they will immediately become part of the horse and once again dirty.
Bathing than you, the more you become the daily routine. professional grooms, with the help of a high pressure hose can wash a horse in five minutes. It will probably take more time than you at the beginning of this study experience. Cleanliness of the horse is a pleasant spectacle to see, then brace yourself that practice makes perfect and you wash your horse in no time.

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