Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What are some of the common problems found in small dogs

On average small dogs live longer than larger ones. This is because their smaller bodies are working not as hard as the bigger dogs organs, which is less stress on bones, joints and internal organs. However, small dogs have breed specific health problems that owners should be aware of. It is the responsibility of the owner, after all, in order to quickly identify and health issues are addressed before they get too serious.
A common health problem that many people believe are exclusively for large dogs is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a painful condition in which the hip joint are abnormally. For larger dogs, hip dysplasia is easy to recognize. She gets a big shock, while the smaller dogs developed a few striking that Limp is just as painful. Dysplasia is a very serious problem, whatever the size of the animal.
Artery problems are common in small dogs. Dogs with flat or "smooshed up" faces, like Pug and Shih Tzu were affected. Brachiocephalic cause problems dogs have difficulty breathing. You will be panting and snorting often. Some dog owners do not realize that this sweet and actually quite serious. The dog has a hard time breathing as the pain and if they are not treated artery questions on a reduced lifespan.
Dogs love chocolate, but never your little dog! While all dogs are allergic to chocolate, larger dogs will often not strongly influenced by a small amount due to their higher body weight. But a harmless amount for a large dog can be your little dog into a coma and even death. Let chocolate round.
Many small dogs tend to the teeth and gum problems that can lead to loss of teeth to develop. That's because the owners of small dogs more likely to feed their pets soft canned food or dry food are. Dogs need to chew to keep their teeth, and if your dog canned food toy feeds you need something like Rawhide bones regularly to buy a good oral hygiene.
Injuries are much higher than in small large dogs. Your bones are easily broken small and it is much easier to see a step, without considering whether it is under the feet to take. A few small dog owners have found that high shuffling around their dogs without lifting their feet when in the vicinity of a good solution. In addition, space is carpets on hardwood floors in the vicinity of your furniture, such as lead, for example, a decline of only a few feet enough damage to some small breeds.
Attention to the smallest problems and get help immediately is the best policy. Many people think that small dogs and larger face similar problems. While true, what you remember about smaller dogs, larger dogs that something is seriously lower face due to their size. Health problems take a greater toll on their little systems, and some not so serious for a German dog is fatal for a Chihuahua.

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