Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fish oil benefits in prostrate cancer

Finally, we have good news about prostate cancer. Two large, long-term studies have now shown that the consumption of concentrated fish oil or oily fish could slash the death rate among people suffering from the disease.

The Physician's Health Study, more than 20,000 men followed for 22 years. The study conclusively proved that men who ate five servings of oily fish a week, 48% less likely to die from the disease than those who ate only one serving per week. Concentrated fish oil is particularly effective in blocking the metastatic cancer. This is achieved by blocking the conversion of arachidonic acid in the hormones that feed cancer cells. In this way, in fact it helps to stop prostate cancer from spreading.

If the tumor cells metastasize from the prostate and invade other parts of the body such as bone marrow, prostate cancer is a more serious illness. It is precisely in this process, in which omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil intervention. Researchers at a British hospital, Christie Hospital, Manchester, showed that concentrated fish oil omega-3 fatty acids can inhibit invasion of prostate cancer cells in the bone marrow.

Another important result was that the omega-6 fatty acids actually increase the risk of prostate cancer will spread. What this means is that all men prostate cancer or an increased risk of prostate cancer should avoid all foods containing these fats, including vegetable oils such as corn oil and sunflower oil, nuts and seeds, and foods that are cooked in these oils. Prostate cancer cells use omega-6 fats as fuel and give them the fuel promotes rapid growth of cancer cells.

I have a lot of personal experience in biochemistry and various diseases, and I can not emphasize enough that dietary changes are essential to getting healthy, or his health challenges. There is no quick-fix that will work if we continue with an unhealthy diet, plain and simple food.

The easiest way to protect yourself, the above foods from your diet to remove a highly concentrated fish oil supplement in capsule form to take every day. This is much more accurate and more convenient than having to five servings of oily fish a week eating, and is much cleaner, since most fish are sold to the public today is contaminated with heavy metals, industrial chemicals and radiation.

Choosing a top quality brand of concentrated fish oil involves finding a company that publishes an independent certificate of analysis, clearly the strength of the product and the tests have proven that it is clean and free of contaminants. There are no effective natural way to protect ourselves against prostate cancer, and yes, many other disorders.

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