Monday, August 29, 2011

What do you think do we really take good care of our pets?

We are a nation of animal lovers, send Birthday and Christmas cards for our pets, lavish them with gifts, tit bits and indulge their every need. In some cases, no expense spared. So we thought we would put to test this impression, by taking a sample of our registered pet database, a mix of dogs and cats. We know that by talking to the pet owners that losing a pet is a very traumatic experience, so unexpected, and not to believe it can happen to you.

By law, dogs in public places should be a form of identification with it, usually a summer, but in your house or yard is not required, nor is there any requirement for cats with an ID with them. But when they walk, get lost, how your pet a very good chance of being found and returned to you safely. Well it could be given and, when you consider what is spent on pets each week, food, toys, health insurance, etc., in a very, very low cost because of the fear can prevent it. Tag, microchip, tattoo or tracker, all produced in the safety of your pet the highest level possible to ensure, but the results of our sample database is surprising to what is expressed.

The highest percentage indicates their pets the best chance of a quick return by having a tag and microchip placed - 40%

The second highest percentage of their pets are provided with only one tag - 21%

In third place, after being chipped or tattooed - 13%

A surprising high percentage of no help to give their pets a quick return by having either a tag or a microchip, taking into account the low cost of security to offer - 26%

The results from our database, (taking account of these people their pets are registered with us, in the main building, or because pets are missing or dropping below the safety of our tagging system) , produce results that indicate a less "best case scenario".

Tags - From the above results it is clear that people have the possibility to tag and show we attended several information engraved, home numbers, mobile numbers and home addresses of all available. Some animals have a large number of tags attached. With the corresponding tag correctly but there is no need security concerns of having your own specifications. These tags typically cost more than having your information engraved on the local hardware store for your favorite tags. The right Reunion pet ID tag system will allow you to more of a point that a finder of lost pets to interact with their owners quickly can cause register. Contact information can be updated, changed, etc. always a member.

Microchip - So easily entered into your local vet and a one-time cost of less than a month food bill and the pet will have protection for life. Most veterinarians, Animal wardens and homes have access to the scanner Microchip and from there to the boss, so simple, just remember to keep your data in the database chip update any changes.

Tattoo - ear tattoo offer the same vision, as a label, and a lifetime cap as a microchip, but also taken up by lovers of animals. It is the process of tattooing a unique number to the pet or because the tattoo may be partly covered by hair, which gives a low "take" the way, but it can provide good protection.

Trackers - This increasingly popular as people embrace the technology available in the trackers, and include network to cover, battery life and especially size is reduced, but not much used today.

Advice, their own specific advantages, but for a tried, tested and value for money system of the tag + combination ensures that Microchip your pet as safe as some protection. A visual, Tag, so each person finding your pet can without going to a vet, or director will have the ability to contact you, if the label is missing or not used , and the pet has taken a Vets etc., then the microchip is scanned and the owner of the link. So if you or no one is worth considering making a small investment in the safety of your pet and you as the owner, his peace of mind.

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