Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gather some knowledge before setting up a rabbitry

Before a breeding rabbits use them interested in agriculture to a large number of tanks for housing rabbits. Rabbits are social animals that live in colonies that big space for a proper domestication. Rabbits will show different behaviors in relation to their environment, including territorial, sexual, social, eating and motherhood. These and their properties are important considerations when building and setting up their houses and cages.

Rabbits are known to mark their territory with their scent. These animals are also sensitive to temperature changes. Why put up houses with good ventilation and hygiene, you do not want the rabbits sensitive to the smell of the cage choke. Proper ventilation will also help to ensure that the heat is easily spread in and around the farm. Lighting and humidity are other factors that are bound to affect housing.

Rabbits in the wild mark their territory, which act as boundaries, which rejects interference from other rabbits. The composition of mature animals should be avoided when animals are obliged to fight for control. Ripened and makes money, is not "compatible" and thus should only be introduced for breeding.

A lactating doe or a dam should not be placed together in the same cage with other adult female rabbits, or other female rabbits have a tendency to show aggression against a nursing mother and in most cases kill the kits.

Rabbits are also known to feed almost 24 hours when food is available. In fact most of their feeding takes place at night because they are predominantly nocturnal.

Using an abandoned or unused buildings that could be available is a smart way to reduce the cost of housing. A tree structure can be designed to serve as shelter for the accommodation of the animal cages. The calculated structure must be such that it provides protection from predators rabbits. Note that's one thing to keep your rabbit, but you also need to keep out predators.

While the first option of making your own home using wood material can sound like a good cost-saver, using metal structures are more durable and therefore long-term, they may even be cheaper. Wood absorbs the smell of urine, while metal cages with feces may fall through. Metallic is a friendly option, as long as the rabbit to comfortably move.

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