Sunday, August 28, 2011

Learn some ideas as how to care for your koi fish

Are attractive to a fish. They not only give satisfaction in your eyes, but it also conveys a sense of calm. They are common animals that are commonly found in aquarium tanks, but in natural ponds are often placed in the garden or any outdoor area. This is because taking care of any fish that are different from those in the tank. You will learn why later.

Mainly for the care needs dedication and determination. Why? Because, like any pets, they need to focus and well developed.Otherwise, you will never drawn a line in your home.

No fish, as well as any type of fish requires special precautions.

First, you go to the right place to build your pond. Most of the pond owner has put them in my garden. Can be an indoor However, a more common outdoors. With respect to the depth of the pond, there is really no standard, how deep they should be. But some of the requirements according to experts, they should be too deep for herons to the stage. Due to their attractive colors, they often cats, raccoons, foxes, badgers and hedgehogs in the eyes of predators such as land. In some cases, networks are available to avoid the enemies of the ponds, pond draining.

To care for a basic reminders do not cram them into the pond. Each 1000 gallons of water needed to mature a boat and live independently. Let's say they can not thrive with a narrow environment, but they were active in the pond, where they can have more space for themselves. Love the different foods, because they are omnivorous. In fact, the salad, watermelon and other fruits can eat. In their food fresh, but often in ball and sticks. When feeding them, to give just enough left to avoid drowning in a pond, do not forget and add the water turbidity. Usually, they come to the surface during the meal. Check your body for parasites and other infections.

Affective filter system to ensure clean water. Feed them often, but in small quantities. Be prepared for the winter time, and can usually fall to a moderate appetite will go stale. Do not worry, though, since the temperature rises, they start their activity, too.

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