Sunday, August 28, 2011

Insight on food for Beta fish

Betta fish are always the most fish purchased after because of their impressive colorful fins and bodies. Located gourami, Betta fish are a part of the family of freshwater perciform Osphronemidae fish. Siamese Fighting Fish is the most popular form of Beta Fish.

Betta grow to around two and a quarter inches longk. Their ability to live in less than ideal aquarium conditions make them the ideal choice for most aquariums, especially for beginners. Betta fish are a kind of labyrinth fish which means they have the ability to inhale oxygen from the air and water.

What to feed a Betta Fish?

Like other fish, Betta have the right amount and right type of food on a daily basis. Beta fish is regarded as a carnivorous species and will feed on water-related insect larvae, zooplankton and mosquito larvae in the wild. Most Bettas are bred in captivity are fed a mixture of water fleas, mosquito larvae and brine shrimp. Combination Betta pellets are a popular choice among users. These food pills are a precise blend of common fish, such as mashed shrimp meal, bloodworms, and special vitamins added in. Studies have shown that this combination betta fish immune system, improves the color Betta and promotes sustainability.

Other types of foods should also be given to the Betta for extra nutrients and fiber in their diet. Chopped vegetables that are high in protein and / or fibers can be very healthy for a Betta, such as broccoli, corn, carrots, soy beans and green beans.

Betta Fish Live For Variety!

If your Betta eat a wide variety of high fiber / protein foods you will see brighter and richer color in your fish. Even fish that a good diet will heal much faster when fin damage. Beta fish mouth is reversed, meaning that they naturally eat in the surface of the water, try to choose foods that floats.

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