Wednesday, September 29, 2010

German Shepherd training ideas

German Shepherd dogs are one of the nicest dogs, except to protect, but also to my colleagues to stay and play. They require a lot of attention, exercise and discipline. Because they are very intelligent and brave, they should be trained. In this article I will examine the purpose of training German Shepherd
The first thing is to create a superior dog owner. You need to host a dog show. Do not worry, that might be something wrong with your dog in any way, as the German Shepherd, by their nature, look for the Alpha Dog. In this case, you, the trainer, the dog appears superior. You can expect the dog's loyalty and care as a reward.
However, do not train a dog using physical force. Slapping is not a cure, or teach the dog anything new. The best way is an attempt to verbal command. The best is to use monosyllables such as "yes", "no", "sit," "good," "evil," "pick up", "go", etc. Give praise and several words can be confusing for the dog, and eventually, without the proper implementation of the commands .
In addition to teaching dog obedience, you can start to do something fun in the German shepherd. The best idea of fun is agility. Also, the stadium jumping horses, can create barriers to transfer them to your dog in the least time possible. This type of training may prove useful to you, because these days there are several competitions for agility dogs.
To get the best results, you should start training your German Shepherd from the age of seven for eight weeks. As the human brain learns over and over, the young pups "command to the brain absorbs like a sponge absorbs water. This is the best time to teach them games that you want them to play with you later.
As you can probably tell already, German shepherds are obedient, loving and quick learners. They are not only a good partner, but also excellent guards. I hope that proves to be the best friend's German shepherd in the future.

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