Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tips on how to dress your dog in costume

Depending on the dog's disposition and personality, a costume may or may not appeal to the dog. In the case of so many cute animal costumes available, we all want to make our favorite dog, a part of the fun. As humans we tend to believe that if it's fun for us, it should be fun for our dogs. Our dog friends, other ideas. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks to help you you can convince your dog friend, costumes are really great.
Before you think about how you get your dog in a costume, you must check the best kind of pet costume. Make sure the costume for the dog who is not chosen too hot and not restrict vision or breathing.
Have you ever been faced with the challenge of getting a living stubborn two year old child in a costume, they definitely do not want to wear? Get some dog in a costume can be a similar challenge. Have your dog wear dog sweaters and boots for winter? If so, to facilitate your task.
First, the process is slowly approaching. Run the costume for your dog by using a small part of him. Once costume touches, give lots of praise. How to "good boy / girl," say submit a favorite treat. Then take out the costumes and set the verbal praise with a few hugs and pats on the back. Repeat this process five or six times and then stop. You must not several days until your dog starts to actually like this amazing new game. At the time the dog will hopefully allow the suit to remain and not be disturbed. If the dog is associated with costumes, treats attention and fun, you will be successful.
After the dog's costume for a good cause adopted, make sure you do not have it for a long time. Note that a people which costumes and not something your dog wants as a standard clothes are. If for some reason do not accept your dog is just a costume, do not force the issue. Put it away and try another time. At one time I had a German Shepherd / Sheltie mix with the sweetest disposition, but he definitely do not wear a shirt much less a costume. It was the only one that ever made him growl! On the other side, I have feisty Yorkie with sweaters, hats and costumes.
If you think about dog costume, remember that costumes for you to coordinate with the pet costume can be. For example, there are pirate costumes and superhero costumes for pets and their people. Whatever you choose, costume, patience with your dog and make Halloween fun for you and your dog friend.

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