Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Learn the art of How Your Dog Should Behave With Your Child and Vice Versa

If you know a dog or dogs and children, the importance of this is the correct way to interact. You must teach your child how to pet dogs properly and gently, and not to pull or press on the dog. You have to manage your dog with children and do what they can. You need both the child and the dog to learn what is acceptable behavior.
Babies and children are often the extremities of dogs, such as the ears and tail, and the pressure to go to the dogs. teach your dog to touch your baby gently in all areas of her body to accept. On the same note, Teach your child that every dog has sensitive areas that they do not touch.
Teach your child his hands, toys or bottles hitting or swinging use in dogs. These can be harmful to the dog or the baby dog defensive, increasing the chances that your dog bites or close to your baby. Do not allow your child to kick, kick or step on the dog. This can lead to a dog, the fear of feet, and may start to bite you when they see a foot in their area.
Teach your children the right way to treat your dog
Teach your child not to scream the talking dog in a calm, easy voice. Dogs are very frightened as a small, unpredictable "things" for them. Take your dog to relax and calm if and when the baby or child is screaming in his face.
Allow your child to the dogs, like the weather, your dog may panic in children and on guard to make him or let them hunt. Some dogs do not escape, but turn around and defend themselves, which can be as severe as pain.
Be very careful about your baby climbing, jumping, or your dog. Many dogs do not like that - right? It's not fair to expect this behavior from your dog to accept your dog. When this happens, keep your dog calm and your child to get out of the dog. Praise your dog as they behaved properly.
Your dog will learn to respect your child
Your dog has an eye on you to keep your child if he respects you (hopefully). Having your child interact with your dog in different situations occur.
Let your child with your dog basic obedience
It helps your dog learn to listen and respect your child. Even if your child speaks gibberish baby, you can teach your dog to understand.
Strengthening the mandate they say if your child the same command. Surprisingly, your dog will know, to say the baby! When my son started to speak, I gave them my dog commands every day. At first my dog looked at me like I had three heads because they do not understand what you're trying to tell my baby. When I confirmed the order, learned to speak my dog and the baby is soon to hear my son! My kids loved it, and the dogs learned to respect and listen to them. To this day I still had my son in obedience training with my dogs, so either my dogs or children to lose skills.
Teach your child how you feel your dog
Teach your child how to treat you give your dog properly and is, in turn teach your dog the right way to take sweets from your child. Be sure to always present when you do this. Keep covered with your child, to ensure the safe and respectful with your dog to be treated. Be sure to treat your sweet children with his open hand and lick the dog for treatment of hand against the teeth. Now is the time to make "soft" command in the game. Like anything else that your dog is good, praise him when he gently took the treatment, he continued to do so in the future because he knew what to expect.
Dogs and children need to learn to play together and friends
Put your dog and children to play together is another important piece of the puzzle. Most children enjoy playing with dogs, and playing naturally love dogs! Fetch is probably the easiest game of the two play together, especially if your dog gets. Although the ball or toy, is only a foot, will collect your dog happy and bring it back. It makes children happy! If you teach your child how to perform basic commands to work the game is easier for your dog in the direction of your child to accept. Allow to drag your child to play with your dog when children are usually not strong enough to control the game and be injured very easily. Fetch, hide and "find" games (where you hide treats and to have them look for dogs - with the help at first) are great games for children playing with the dog.
Your child should have responsibility in connection with your dog
Give your children the responsibility for protection of dogs creates shares respect for both parties. The dog learns to look after the children and appreciate, care for him. The children learn responsibility and all that goes into a pet. possible, eating and playing the dogs work and your child can attend to enjoy very much - (with obligations to test the line to keep the children taking account of a portion of the line) Making conditions you and your dog. My son about to keep the lines of the situation, which gets the ball in and pick to feed the dog. They learn to turn all the work and care of dogs, making it a win-win situation in my house!
A warning ...
The Dreaded Dog Dish
You can have your bowl of dog food your child will teach your child by receiving high quality treatment to her empty bowl. Make sure you avoid the laws and instructions between the dog and the child possible problems. This does not mean you close your child may have to eat during your dog. It can be very stressful for your dog to care for a child to steal their food! It was from her protective shell, and possibly pain and snapping the child gets too close. After a while, your dog comes to your child to accept food as the above steps, but I can not stress enough how dangerous it can be!
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
It is essential to your dog eat and sleep in peace, away from children. Teach your child not to harass or too close to the dogs when they eat or sleep.
The old saying, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" is very important, and oh so true! Wake a sleeping dog, frightened or inadvertently biting a child to jump. Teach your child that your dog unattended when she is sleeping, so that your dog is allowed peace and tranquility, and your child will not hurt. Dogs must be dropped, as people do. You can also chew up your favorite dog a special chew toy or bone area out of reach of children. This ensures that the dog does not have to stress that getting children and biting and snapping at children.
Be nice to your dog!
One last word ...
Always remember that no matter how well-behaved dog, he or she is still a dog. Dogs are animals and can be unpredictable. You grit your teeth and, hopefully never. You can run and score it, whether intentional or not. Please leave your baby or child with a dog - EVER! So it can happen unexpectedly and heartbreak that cause damage, so be careful and aware when it comes to your dog and child. It is always good, better safe than sorry!

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