Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Make your dog look more fashinable and trendy with use of small accessories

Quite sophisticated and trendy fashion models can be made through your pet can supplement the small dog clothes, pet accessories, please check. In addition to skin, is naturally a pet, it is still what their pets need to wear clothes bokege season is the best. What kind of clothing and appearance and is very easy to make some perfect accessories and apparel, such as Chihuahua Wed pair of upcoming Christmas a little more, there are many suitable. In general, small pet Chihuahua puppy dog clothes, dog sweaters and coats for Christmas and have been known to dress up as a pet owner.
You have a good beginning, you know the basics of sewing dog sweaters and dog coats and matching accessories for pet made it too long, no training is required. You can start the easiest type of Christmas accessories, dog bandanas, or is a Santa hat. For a scarf, a sewing shop to grab a nice color and fabric around the neck of a dog Get measured. Once completed, pokeulhago isosceles hood you need to make the perfect measure of a triangle pattern on the fabric you can cut the length of time in 1.5.
Santa hat, your hat to make you part of the red or green satin fabric with a pattern at the same time Will shine on the paper used to hold a party hat. Then the collagen fibers in party hats can be made suitable for their Christmas decorations, or even some pet clothes to match the unique Jul. Symbol sew. Freely on the great white, do not forget to obtain a juvenile! This is certainly a wonderful Chihuahua dressed than makeup activities.

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