Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Keep in mind Important Medical Considerations if your dog is on way to air travel

When you prepare to go on holiday, you can actually bear to face as you leave princess desperate crying and trying desperately to break the bars at the local dog kennel? Can be happy and turn away, walk away knowing that you are flying and have fun while in a prison?
Well, you will change this picture and take the whole family, including everyone's best friend on vacation with you. You can find the best vacation you ever had - is not guilty of leaving and not worry about how they cope without you.
So, let's take a look at the medical issues should take. Because you already have to make your own medical preparations for leaving, it only takes a few extra steps to arrange for their valuable Gizmoto your travels with you. You will be rewarded for your advanced planning, because with the right preparation, you do not have to worry about him during the trip. So, for you and your family the best possible vacation here are six major medical institutions need to create: -

1. Get Brandy to the vet at least 2 weeks before the scheduled flight to confirm that all is well with a general medical examination.
2. Make sure vaccinations and all vaccines are up to Chuck today, and if you happened to need an injection or treatment of any kind, be sure it is time for him to have a negative impact on the recovery of at least one week before the scheduled date departure.
3. Ask your veterinarian's opinion on the need for sedatives for the flight. The assessment of how stressed Pookey is the vet, and therefore, outside its territory, it is easy to assess. It has given no sedatives are not provided by your vet, it could be a murder!
4. Ask your vet to clip the nails to ensure that Buddy would not get caught in the pet carrier or mesh grill.
5. Ask for a certificate for Mollie and take it with you as you would your own passport because you can do without the hassle of questions about the state of health at every entrance and exit.
6. Once you are able to release Jake from the pet's career at your destination, let him out and give him a detailed above. If it does not seem like normal, then bring it to the nearest vet and ask to try - and be sure to get the results in writing.
When Oscar is a pug nose tribe, such as Persian, Pekingese or Chow Chow is best not to get him if they can not travel in the cabin of the airplane, because the short nose make him vulnerable to low oxygen are often found in the hold.
The sooner you decide to Shandy on vacation, the easier it is to welcome all those reasons mentioned above, because if you leave enough time, not a rush to the end to get it all done.
It seems a lot of preparation, but not if you think about it a lot more work than Ginger detention in kennels, but without the guilt trip! With this little effort in advance, you can always enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you look at your photos together to remember the moment caught Ginger and the kids dig holes in the sand on the beach, or previously cute picture of him sleeping deep beneath his boots after a hard run through the fields and rural roads.

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