Monday, May 9, 2011

Food and Koi Fish

Of course, the one of the most important need of correct house animal care animal gives a suitable diet to its needs. For nurserymen of Japanese carp or Koi, the correct Koi mean fish food a destiny more then only the overleving of their search. Feeding the time is usually some time when the owner is and house animals can on each other act on because we cannot the manner really which we with dogs or cats have played play with fish. Also, because the fish a different metabolism has then our furrier friends, it is feeding process lichtjes more complicated than nourishing a dog or a cat. Koi, such as other fish, are coldblooded. This means their increases of the body temperature and can with surrounding water be coincided. Lower the body temperature of ectothermic (coldblooded) animal is, lower its metabolism. A low metabolic tariff means moves the essential systems of an animal much more slowly and this includes the digestion processes. For this reason, distributing is not the food for your Koi it same the entirely complete year by and food which they will differ dependent on and will require the water temperature. The fish food of Koi usually comes in verschillend-gerangschikte grains and with several feeding contents. This makes it for the owner of a pond easy Koi to feed that which costumes them its search the correct quantity food. Slightly related to dog food, Koi fish food comes in several size because free frequently, a pond fishes Koi of several size. It is best use the size of food which the smallest fish in the pond can with. This insure already Koi access to food (provided that they enough of getting). Care also that you give enough food to the fish to love them competing with. Of course, younger Koi will left become from the dresser, in boxes doen-uit by their larger pond partners. This only under eating and eventually tension does not result that more often, however, than to sickness and sickness leads. The food for Koi comes also in varying percentages protein and carbohydrates because these fish have several feeding needs dependent on, as I mentioned in former days. During the winter when water twists really cold, Koi that require much protein. Their appetite and metabolism will be during this time really slow, so that high-protein food can feeding them result in indigestion and health problems. During months of cold weather, already real need Koi supplement air, richly for carbohydrates food is once the 2-3 days. High-protein Koi fish food (40%) is ideal for the summer months when water is at its warmest. This is a time when Koi have starved and already feeding will demand they of what is possible gets you them gives. The summer are also a good time them feed food realms with kleur-versterkers to help their natural colours and peaks from faster to bring them. From time up to time you can give such as flour maggots, pekelgarnalen or mosquito larvae to your pleased fish live treats also. It is a good idea as from maggots, to remain clear reasons niettemin.

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