Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lets gather some knowledge on fish diet

A fish diet is the ideal way to lose weight, combined with a better health to lose.
Fish - one of the few universal optimal set of products that includes vitamins and trace elements that contribute to the immune system, heart. Fish - an excellent source of quality protein, a large amount of essential amino acids that are perfectly assimilated at any age.
Fish diet lasts seven days, which would be to give 5.7 kg overweight. During the seven days you will follow the same diet.
According to recent studies by independent groups of researchers from the U.S., Israel and England, the intensive consumption of products containing omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have a positive effect on mental state of man. Helps to combat depression and to normalize the human brain. A large number of such acids found in fish. This explains the fact that people who eat fish every day, less prone to sudden mood swings and depression.
Viewed from the supply of meat, much worse than fish. In fish and meat contains about the same amount of protein. Here is a fish protein, unlike protein from meat, almost entirely absorbed. This means that the body after ingestion of fish do not begin to accumulate toxins that poison the entire organism. Moreover, fish more vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients than meat.
A boiled egg, apple, green tea.
200 grams of cooked white fish, cucumber, a glass of carbonated mineral water.
200 grams of cooked lean fish, salad, 150 grams fat-free cottage cheese, green tea.

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