Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What are your thoughts on Aquatic turtles as pets

Aquatic turtles are often easy to maintain and cheap pets. It is not actually the case in small animals.

Time consuming or not

Aquatic turtles are great pets for people who do not want to talk to the animals for much but want to have a pet. They do not need to train them or spend some time with.


The turtle itself is not very expensive but the cost of the tank and its accessories are going very well with a few hundred dollars.

However, only the original price. The maintenance of pets is not very expensive and should not exceed $ 50 a month.

If you decide to turtle as a pet, invest the money initially to purchase a large tank so you do not need to do that when the turtle grows.


Keeping a pet turtle will not take away your time except for cleaning. It is sometimes an overwhelming task. Turtles do not make a mess around your apartment, but the idea can get pretty messy. To extend the time between cleaning tanks, invest in a good water filter.

To completely clean the tank, you must remove the decorations, filter, pump, basking platform and what ever you can have it. You have to clean everything and separate than to set up the tank again.

Wild animals or not

If you think, if you were to get a wild or farmed-in-captive turtle, never take a wild one. This is not a good choice to separate a wild beast from his home.

Space Requirements

Small pets are considered a good solution for small apartments, but an aquatic turtle will need a fairly large tank when it is an adult, so make sure you have enough space for it.

They are good pets for children?

Probably not. If your child wants a pet to play not to get a turtle. Also remember that a child can not take care of it, so you have to.

The last thing to consider about the child and aquatic turtles as pets - Salmonella. Turtles can be carriers of disease and children are often put their hands in their mouths. If you have a turtle, make sure your children wash their hands each time it is in contact with pets.

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