Monday, May 30, 2011

Learn the importance of Saving Sea Turtles

The earth is a blue planet, the ocean is the life of the survival of humanity homes. Turtle is the messenger of land and the right friends. Save the turtles to save the planet itself, the love it is the love of humanity itself. We join hands for Sea Turtle Conservation in and our contribution.
Nowadays, more and more turtles listed as endangered species. All species of sea turtles are reduced to varying degrees. Especially big turtle and leatherback turtles, which are most at risk of extinction.
Faced with this situation, we need to save the turtle. What is the importance of savings and protect them? In fact, anyone remember the importance of protecting and saving, just that some people do not understand the importance of protecting and saving them. Or to seek personal gains, they're still hunting for the precious turtle. It is really heartbreaking. So now allow me the importance of saving sea turtles to introduce to you.
First, life on earth not just to survive. Under certain conditions specified environment, they are linked together and live together. The existing protected animals on the planet all have an equal right to life, as our people. The person will be very sad if there is a shortage of animals. If some species have become extinct, may have a chain effect, and even the humanity is gone.
Secondly, the sea turtle is the world's total biological resources. Many countries have some of the turtles. Many countries have ranked them in protected animals. So there is great significance of saving them.
Third, to save the turtles is to save mankind. The destruction of the environment, the survival of humanity and the turtle faces a different threat. The killing of the turtles has even led to a new pest, the loss is that we are not irreparable. Therefore it is necessary to protect them so they are not a source of a plague. And make our turtles are man's best friend.
Fourth, the future of metropolitan development must rely on the next generation to keep creating. So we want to make clear that caring for animals is a kind of human being, saving animals is everyone's responsibility.
In short, to save the turtles and save endangered animals, is not just a matter for government, a matter of professional workers, but also everyone's business. Each of us needs to protect wildlife.

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