Monday, May 16, 2011

what kind of food to offer a baby turtle

Turtle is one of the cutest pets you have that you can not cuddle with. These are small and when they are babies so cute and of course slow! Learn how to create a new baby turtle is not widely known because they are popular pets. It is easy to figure out what to do with dogs and cats, because almost everyone has one or the other and they pass the information to other people.
By taking care of the new sea turtle the first thing you need to know is how and what to feed them to keep them healthy. There are a variety of turtle food available in different sizes and shapes and can be made with different elements. You can buy the chips and small pellet food that is sold specifically for baby turtles.
The most common food for the turtle that you can buy turtle sticks. These are perfect for any sea turtle species including the baby. Water turtles will probably need to eat larger floating pellets - but they are given to most other turtle.
The only thing we will never ask the whole dried shrimp and bugs use. The way they are sold is very suspect and can not be secured for any of the tortoise and especially the baby. There are shrimp pellets that can be used as treats - but not as a primary source of food.
In order for your baby turtle to take all necessary nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy you can continue to feed them the sticks, flakes, and pellets. They were able to contain all important nutrients and healthy to keep your baby turtle strong and good. They can be boiled eggs and poultry and the shells.
If you have a partial replacement of food than you should consider eating fish. Many fish eat the same kind of turtle food items. Do not even waste your time looking for your baby turtle fruits and vegetables to feed. They will not eat. Other foods to stay away from raw fish and other raw meat. They contain too much fat and can ill Salmonella.
If you have any questions or concerns about what else to feed your baby turtle and tortoise where good nutrition to your vet to ask now. Your vet can give you all instructions you need and answer any questions you have.

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