Sunday, August 1, 2010

Laern some tips on how to care for your Pitbull Puppy

A pitbull puppy is a dog with a hefty, strong body. These dogs have powerful jaws.Their massive physique attracts many people to do. They are energetic, healthy and love people around. Pitbulls can be very loving and friendly and can cope very well with children. Getting a new puppy can be exciting, but if you want one of those new friends to feel at home and to become a healthy dog to grow, one must learn how to care for a puppy from the beginning. Some things to consider are:
If the puppy to our home, we must provide for his comfort. After a nice snuggly dog bed and a designated place for him to sleep to help the puppy get used to his surroundings.
The first thing one should do after choosing a new revenue source puppy to a local veterinarian to contact to schedule an appointment with him. It is always better to visit a vet and get a physical examination on puppy and get him vaccinated. Income puppy should be vaccinated every 3-4 weeks, until they were 16-20 weeks old, the first vaccine shot from six weeks. Older pup should be vaccinated with two sets of shots distances between 3-4 weeks for better protection. During this time the puppy can also be checked for worms and be treated accordingly.
obtaining a puppy is a delicate digestion, so one must be careful about what the court with them. Small amount of rich nutritious food should be fed at first, but after the advice of doctors. We recommend foods that corn, soy or wheat.
It is important to the new puppy to protect against pain. Puppy is very curious and they tend to only about the house and ultimately injuring themselves in the process. Also, the child should be told to play in the puppy gently and lovingly.
It is best to begin training as soon as possible. The exact age, but fluctuates around the age of 3-4 weeks is needed. Without them focused attention and careful training in their natural aggression can occur and may be more difficult to train as they grow. One can start with the basics and essentials, so you understand the basic commands a puppy, right and wrong tone of voice. If we can start training a puppy to get away from an early age and then all future training efforts much easier.
These are some of the few things to do when one brings home a new puppy profit. By the care and training of the puppy you correctly you can be sure of an honest and good company to get.

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