Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are you awre of the fact that why Are Some Parrots Red?

Red has long been known as the color of love. It also means love and passion, but also danger. People associate the color red with love, valentines, danger, desire, speed, force, violence, anger, emergency exit signs, stop signs, and blood. His usual attributes are strength, power, power, control and management. Stimulation, warmth, excitement, good health, physical energy, love, sex, passion, courage and protection is also associated with this strong color. But especially parrot? Red is a different story.
The red in parrots
When it comes to color in parrots, the most common are green. But did you know that there is no pigment or tint of green parrots? feathers? According to experts, although parrots green dots? The only pigments in parrots feathers are red and yellow.
Red parrots parrot preferences increasingly popular because they radiate mystical beauty. But did you know that some parrots are red because their feather structure and chemistry of melanin?
Studies show that some parrots are red because of the Tyndall effect. During the Tyndall effect, the light scatters, reflecting feather structure. This process also leads to the illusion of a variety of colors.
Another reason why some parrots are red, because certain types of pigments in the feathers of this bird called psittacine or carotenoids have? Those carrots and yellow squash gives the respective colors. These are usually affected by certain environmental factors and elements, such as food intake or diet.
Experts explain that the red parrots occurs because the colors of nutrients from the food they take, have intensified. Although food don? T usually affect a parrot? S color, it is very important in the process because good nutrition will lead to good health in the glow of a parrot? S springs.
When the parrot's feather is -? Generally birds? - The most characteristic features, ongoing studies of the color of the parrots fed throughout the world. Most of these studies have found that a parrot? S color can be different things, such confidence and other behavioral contexts mean.
The most popular red parrot in pet stores today trades, Red-breasted Senegal. Although it is a moderate speaking ability, many parrot lovers these red parrot buy because they are playful and independent Always climbing, chewing and playing with their toys, topped Senegal is among the favorite choice of parrot pets because they have friendly nature and their ability to learn and perform tricks. Because they create a very low noise level, this red parrot as a pet bird is particularly suitable for those who live in apartments. Although a friendly character, must be handled and red parrot trained regularly and keep them tamed.

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