Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have you heard before about double yellow head parrot

Have you thought about owning a parrot as a pet? So why not start now owns a double yellow head parrot or what is commonly known as the yellow head Amazon. Popularly known as a pet in a household, they are known as beautiful with their markings and greenish colored feathers. But usually the most prominent ones that stand out are the yellow dye with red spots on both wings. They can be found at the following locations in Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. Usually live in mangrove swamps, tropical rain forests and subtropical forests. Still others prefer savannas and areas where trees are most frequent. However, it is sad to note that the double yellow line parrots are on the endangered species list, we have, caused by continued deforestation of our wildlife and forests. Even the illegal poaching and sale of these parrots have contributed to the slowly decreasing in number.

Because of the ability of the double yellow line parrot to speak and intelligence as well known, is the relatively high value. On the one hand, when compared with African gray parrots, are popular with the excellence of their speech, there are a number of double yellow head parrots, which are unable to speak. Although most of them can be great speakers, and is very smart and very playful. These parrots enjoy being the center of attraction and sometimes screaming to be noticed. Now, when properly supervised they can learn to talk and turning their sound for voice. They want to be free and fly around in every way possible. They also tolerance in the cage door, but the breeder should allow time for them to fly to stretch their wings and exercise. Double yellow line parrots have the ability to cope with their environment and follow the instructions, but if not properly trained, can damage things around. This is why breeders chew toys for fun and playing.

Double yellow line parrots grow to normal length and measuring up to six inches. But they are very petite women than men. They even look fat and hook beak which can readily understand and lock nuts, to be able to break them. They use it for climbing and surveying areas around them. They have two toes on their back for them and to use your hands and keep their food to eat.

Classes of berries, nuts, seeds and buds are their favorite food groups, even the corn crop, as they are known to raid the apartment. In a home set-up, love, double yellow line parrots fruits and vegetables. You can also use them nuts, berries and pellets for them to enjoy. Make their food is a must, and give them foods high in minerals and vitamins.

To live up to 80 years in life, would eventually double yellow line parrots grow with your family, so it requires commitment and accountability of security for your pet at your side. Enjoy every moment!

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