Monday, November 7, 2011

Did you know the fact that Yellow Parrots are in very high demand in todays time

The Yellow Parrots prefers subtropical or tropical habitats for Honduras, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, who lives in the rainforest, wetlands and other land with many trees. Unfortunately, deforestation, endangered the bird's natural habitat.

Their attractive colors and markings is partly what gives them their popularity. They have a bright yellow head, green body and a small red spot on each wing. Although they say less than the African gray parrot, they are still a very popular pet bird. A lot of training and attention should be paid to these birds to encourage talking. It would be easy for them attention when they are intelligent, fun, playful and very active. Also because the Yellow Headed Amazon parrots are noisy, will coach speak cutting their tendency to scream.

Yellow parrots are very active and loves to fly. If you want your yellow bird flying you have a very large open space. It is advisable to have a closed aviary, but not many people have so much space. So if you clip their wings and allow them to roam around your house for the performance they must be okay to use most of their time in a cage. They also offer cool toys, so they can keep themselves entertained.

Although Amazons are prone to accidents, they can still easily be trained to be more careful. But because of their size and curious nature, she will always in some kind of problems.

Male Yellow Amazon parrots are slightly bigger than the female Amazons. They use their short, hooked beak, which is quite strong, breaking the shells of hard nuts and seeds. They also use their beaks to climb, explore and understand objects.

In the jungle, the Amazon parrot diet includes leaf buds, flowers, berries, nuts and fruits. You should also know that it is very important to ensure that the yellow parrot diet is balanced and full of nutrients.

How long they survive the first thing you need to understand before buying these types. They can live for 80 years, which means they have a long term commitment. You may want to find a parrot with a shorter life if you do not want a long engagement.

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