Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What could be some possible reasons that people want to have parrot as a pet

When choosing a pet, the sky is the limit. And if this election is a pet bird, the sky is truly the limit. Most people have a variety of reasons to pick their kind of pet. And more than a few animals have them! But there are some common reasons why people like birds and parrots as pets.
Please note that some of these reasons may be valid reasons for not choosing a bird or parrot as a pet. And some are absolutely the wrong reason to choose a bird or parrot as a pet. But here is the most frequent reasons (in random order) that people have a bird or parrot as a pet of their choice to choose.

First They 'talk' - Without doubt, it is the most popular reason that most people have a bird or parrot as a pet you want. You do not see a lot of dogs and cats to speak, but many birds and parrots have the ability to "talk". Remember that not all parrots "speak". Even some of the best speeches species such as the African Grey not learn to "speak".
Second They are unique - Dogs and cats are common pets, at least in the U.S.. According to the AVMA (American Medical Association veterinarian) in 2007, 37.2% of households (43,021,000) dogs, has 32.4% of households (37.46 million), cats, and only 3.9% of households (4,453,000) are birds .
Third They are beautiful - Birds and parrots are among the most colorful and beautiful animals in the world. Although not everyone prefers a bird for a pet, almost everyone agrees that they are incredibly beautiful with all their colors and feathers.
4th They can "tricks" - I know I know, dogs and cats (and other animals) can also do tricks. But you have some of the tricks, birds and parrots do? And they do not even have arms!
5th They are intelligent - "Bird Brain" spent a term used to inferior intelligence and some people still think it is right to be mentioned with the help of Dr. Irene Pepper Berg and Alex (among others) this is documented. it invalid. It is very difficult to compare the intelligence of different animals (eg birds vs dogs), but most animal trainers on these days agree that most birds are very intelligent.
6th They make the time, space or money for a cat / dog - This is a big misunderstanding, but a common reason why some people have a bird or parrot as a pet you want. The reality is that some species take longer and cost more to maintain than a dog or cat. Do not fall for this fallacy if you are considering a bird or parrot as a pet.
7th They are cute and socially - Who does not have a "aaawwwwwww" moment when you see a big Cockatoo nesting up to the owner to get his head rubbed? Yes, they are very social, so they can be very affectionate, if fed and treated properly. But be warned that if not properly treated and properly kept, they could just as on-hug and un-social and a trained fighting pit bull. The fact is that they are very social and is absolutely necessary social interaction, and far beyond what your typical dog, and certainly would take more than the typical cat would require.
8th They have an indoor / domestic pet - Unlike dogs that need walking, birds do not have to be walked or let out to "do their business. It is almost true, but the reality is that your pet bird or parrot should be enough time to get out of the cage (although it is technically not 'run') and the opportunity for many to move. Yes, parrots and birds need exercise too! This may or may not include walks outside with a harness or belt.
9th Their apartment rules do not allow cats or dogs - When is a pet not a pet? If you live in an apartment. Most apartments do not allow rules to be "pets" are just dogs or cats in their definition of "pet". While birds tend to fall into the "not really a pet" category with fish, and most apartments, look the other way when it comes to pets. So often people who can not get a bird or dog in their apartment, choosing a pet bird or parrot. This can sometimes work, but it can be a very bad decision depends on the type of bird to be. Some birds can be very hard and are not suitable for an apartment, unless you are very very friendly neighbors.
10th Keeping up with Jones - This is a common American expression to compare yourself to your neighbors about material things. The equivalent British slogan is "keep up appearances." Anyway, it's that desire to have what someone else has, and this includes a pet bird or parrot. Most people get their first desire to have a pet bird if they see another one. What they see is not all the work that goes into the proper presentation and parrot care. It is not easy, it's actually often very demanding, but it is always worth it.

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