Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An insight on Jardine parrots

The Jardine parrot refers to Red fronted parrot found in the central regions of Africa. The parrot was named after the Englishman Sir William Jardine. His son returned to England from the Congo in Central Africa in the 1840s and Sir William Jardine called kind Pionus gulielmi "and published it in 1849. The species is actually composed of three sub-types, and they can be distinguished from each other with a slightly different shades of red on the bends of their wings, thighs and head.

These birds grow between 10-12 inches long and is predominantly green in color. They have a short thick tail consists mostly black feathers and black feathers on the back, wings, neck and head. As previously mentioned, they also have red colors appear as the bird ages into adulthood. The male and female are identical in appearance, so the sex of a DNA test was performed to identify.

The Jardine parrot is very versatile as it is considered a pet and they are increasingly popular among parrot owners. Because of their size, they would be considered a medium sized parrot, or on the smaller side of the media, so they require less space than many other medium and large birds. They are also a very good temperament and is quiet compared to other parrots of similar size and larger, so they are able to be held by people living in smaller spaces like an apartment, where noise and the neighbors would normally be a problem . They are still engaging and intelligent and loves to play and of course they still need to be addressed with the daily interaction and a variety of parrot toys. They are good talkers and can be quite a good way to develop vocabulary and imitating sounds and flute tune completely. Many owners say that their Jardine parrot they have done for the entertainment and the intelligence of a great bird to get the necessary space and without the noise usually associated with a large bird.

With respect to its availability as a pet they freely bred in captivity, and although the trade, import and export of wild caught Jardine is illegal, you can pick from a breeder or pet parrot for about $ 750 to $ 1000.

With all the positive qualities I have mentioned about the Jardine parrot, they are a good choice to do as a pet, so long as you are able to give and your heart is already set to another particular species.

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