Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Insight on different types of parrots

There are 330 different species of parrots, and even if they have a lot of features in common with each other, understanding the differences between the different species of parrots can easily help you decide what kind or type of bird can be most suitable for you.

The main types of parrots are classified as follows:
o Amazon
o Cockatoos
o Grey Parrots
o Macaws
o Conures
o parakeets
o Lovebirds
o Cockatiels
o parakeets

Amazon parrots
o medium to fairly large and medium sized birds
o mostly green in color with patches of red, yellow and blue on their wings, tail and head
o have a very high voice and speaks regularly in the company of strangers
o older male Amazon (over 3 years) can be aggressive, especially HAWK-headed parrots

o Most are large compared to Amazons
o very intelligent and extremely sensitive and nervous birds
o have erectile tops that can be raised and lowered at will
o look cute and cuddly
o adults can inflict very painful bite if not properly trained
o requires constant attention and can be difficult for most people to care

African gray parrots and Timneh
o generally medium to large enterprises PET parrots
o Two types of gray parrots, Timneh African Gray and Gray (Gray and Congo)
o very sensitive, but very intelligent birds
o Timneh Grays have great potential for the variety of sounds imitating the human voice
o silent in the presence of foreigners
o hand-reared parrots are very sensitive to picking
o can be very high, rarely a noise

o considered the largest parrots
o less like Hahn and yellow-collared is loud, but makes a very good pets
o active, curious and often mischievous
o talkative and able to learn to speak
o powerful beak that can damage furniture and nuts crash
oh great, it may require more barn space instead of a cage
oh not so well suited for the home with young children

o from South Africa
o relatively small, but generally active and confident
o bright orange and yellow Sun Conure, Patagonian Conures and Blue-crowned his loud, piercing voice
o very curious, but entertaining
o The ability to speak, but have squeaky voices in the use of human speech
o happy to sleep in peace boxes placed in the cage
o known as 'rap' birds, because they tend to bite very lightly

o "Parakeet" is loosely used for a wide variety of small birds like parrot cover
o the majority coming from Australia or Asia
o They are green-green color, the ground-feeders spend most of their time on the floor of the cage
o Unlike most parrots, they are not noisy at all
o active and very social creatures that live in large herds and aviaries
o very independent and does not link very well with the human
o very well on the course, but a poor mimics of human speech

Latvian parrot
o The smallest of all parrots, the size of a sparrow
o usually green in color and fairly easy to keep in cages
o have a lot of time flying around (outside their cages)
O bond well with people
o voices can be hard sometimes, but they are not noisy birds

Eclectus parrots
o medium to large enterprises PET parrots
o Males and females have different plumage
o Males have bright-green leaves with red and blue spots on their flanks and the wings, while females with bright red spots of purple or blue on the flanks and wings
o The body feathers are very fine, with beautiful colors
o Eat a diet of fruits, flowers, buds and seeds which
o not have to adjust both inside and companion birds
o adults can be both noisy and aggressive
o prone to self-picking behavior

o Small and active, short-tailed parrots from Africa
o The best kept in pairs, because they usually do not link with people like most parrots do
o have shrill voices and can make a call volume
o not copy human speech
o often in companion bird aviaries instead

Cockatiels & Budgies
o The most common parrot like birds and both come from Australia
o The natural color is light green budgerigar with fine scale-like pattern of black and white markings on, but today, they come in many different colors as a result of selective breeding in captivity for generations
o budgies is not hard to entertain, but requires a lot of time with his keeper, if kept alone
o The ability to speak many words and phrases to learn in small, squeaky voices
o very active and noisy birds
o cockatiel birds are larger, and they make good pets
o The natural color of cockatiels are gray with white on the wings and yellow-orange spots on the head
o be able to learn to speak, but with a high, loud voices
o very active and noisy birds
o can be trained to obey orders, requirements and

I hope these simple tips on different species of parrots and some of their unique differences useful.

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