Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here are some tips to identify an ill parrot

It is important to keep a watchful guard, an attempt to your bird every day, healthy behavior knows, so you will be able to tell when something is wrong to do. Parrots are masters at hiding illness, they do so they just picked up from predators. Therefore it is very difficult to say when a bird is sick until he was very ill and often too late to be saved.
An attentive owner will be able to see early signs of disease:
Excessive Sleep: A parrot who is ill feeling may sleep too much, especially during the day. Sleeping on the floor of the cage is an important symptom. Watch out for any strange changes in sleep patterns.
Sleeping on two legs: a normal, healthy parrot is sleeping with one leg pulled into the stomach.
Fluffy-up Appearance: A fluffy-up parrot can try to maintain its high body and fight disease. Or it may just be too cold in the room.
Loss of appetite: You should know what food and how much your bird eats every day. If you find that your parrot does not eat or eat less than normal, it may mean that the parrot is sick.
Change in attitude: If your parrot seems lethargic and not behaving normally, or are very weak or strange it is good to see a vet.
Lameness: If your parrot can not use his feet or head, he saw something wrong.
Wheezing or breathing with difficulty: it may be a sign of respiratory illness or overheating.
Discharge: If you notice runniness or discharge in the eyes, nostrils, and then the parrot guy is sick.
Change in droppings: your parrot droppings should consist of a solid green part, white urate and a clear liquid. If the droppings are discolored, and there is no change in diet, there's a problem. If a pungent odor or droppings seem far more fluid than usual, so it's good to see a vet.
Debris around the face or feathers: Give poor care or vomiting, possible signs of illness.
Heaving tail: A bird sits on the perch and groaning, a bobbing tail. This is often a sign of respiratory disease.
Messy guy: If the guy is crunchy and moist with droppings are a problem.

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