Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gather Information on Parrot Adoption

Two years ago you just could not resist the two colorful parrots in the pet shop window. What a mistake! Now a new home for your parrots, and thinking about selling it. If you put a short ad in the local newspaper, how does it read?

First Virginia parrots for sale

Second Quaker parrots for sale

There are many ways to advertise, even in so few words like that, but do you really need to "sell" your parrots? You can find a better home through parrot adoption?

What parrot adoption?

Parrot adoption is like baby adoption. Those who have parrots they can not care for offer them to those who want a parrot. The adoptive parrot owners can not afford the initial outlay, or they would simply provide a good home for a parrot to be transmitted.

Parrot adoption does not always mean "free" parrots. The term is also used for inexpensive parrots purchased from former owners.

Interested Finding Homes

Parrot adoption requires good homes, of course, but how can you find them? One way to begin is to put an ad in the newspaper, as you would if you were selling. You can write "parrots for adoption" or "Quaker parrots for adoption to good home" or "to adopt a parrot."

If you are not successful with ads, then try contacting a foundation parrot parrot rescue or adoption organization. They may be able to put you in contact with someone who wants to parrots like you. They can have someone on their waiting list.

Evaluating Prospective Homes

"But it's just a parrot!" You squawk. Not really. It is a creature that lived many years. During these years, it is necessary to health, safety, love and happiness. Want to try your best to give them, by asking some questions of prospective owners - get to know them a bit. You want to try also to make sure that your parrot will not have to move quickly. For proper parrot adoption, begin with these questions.

First I want to make a parrot? A wrong answer is: "My son is begging for one, and I think it's cool to be talking pet."

Secondly Has anyone ever smoke in your home? Smoking can kill a parrot very quickly and you will rest assured that your move to smoke-free homes.

Third What other pets Do not you? Parrots have natural predators, and will not be safe or healthy if they share a home with one of them.

4th You can afford to take the parrot to a veterinarian when needed? Your parrots have a long life, and must occasionally visit a veterinarian.

Grade 5 For other important questions you should contact a parrot adoption group and get advice.

Delivering an adopted parrot

Once you have found a good parrot adoption homes, you will want to do your best to make the transition smoother. Take your parrot in a cage (this is his house, and you do not need it.) His toys, perches and food, which he was accustomed. Take some time to get the parrot settled before you leave him. Available to visit now and then during the first week, if prompted.

The Other Side of Parrot Adoption

Downside of parrot adoption is the adoptive family. Parrot adoption can be preferable to buy a baby parrot from parrot breeders or pet stores.

Your parrot is far cheaper in most cases. It will probably have a cage and accessories, as well, which will save money and time for you. Parrot adoption can skip the infant and young stages, and your bird will probably have a vocabulary with the knowledge of how to add it. In some cases, an adopted parrot knows a few tricks. It is accustomed to human handling and - hopefully - enjoy it.

The lack of Parrot Adoption

The upside outweighs the downside of parrot adoption, but there are things you should know.

How to simulate the first act? Parrot adoption is often initiated by an owner who does not want to deal with behavioral problems. The Parrot can be aggressive: biting and screaming. Will want to observe the parrot in his home before agreed to use it.

Second Is the parrot ever been injured or beaten with anything? You will get lots of work to solve this problem and get the parrot to bond with you.

Third Is the parrot healthy - and you can talk to his vet? If the parrot has never been taken to a vet that can be hidden health concerns. If he was taken to the vet can tell you about potential problems. Any upcoming parrot adoption should include consideration of health information.

Completion Parrot Adoption

When you adopt a parrot, you adopt a long term commitment. It is your responsibility to take care of the bird throughout its life. It gives you love, and expect the same from you. Before you enter into parrot adoption, think it good. After fully enjoy your parrot

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