Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Did you know the fact that Quaker Parrots Love to take Bath

Yes, and your Quaker parrot to bathe regularly clean and healthy. Without regular baths, a Quaker parrot to build oil and dust that even a Quaker is powerful brushing can not remove, which can lead to illness.

Ideally, you should choose a location for your Quaker parrot bath, which is ok to get wet, like the kitchen table. It takes up to six meters a splash area and put a towel down on most of the water to catch. Fill a large bowl (I use a baking dish), ideally 1-2 inches long. It should not be higher than, or is it too deep for the bird, a lower and it will not be enough water.

When the bath is set, let your Quaker parrot check it out. If he is not accustomed to taking a bath, it may take several minutes for him to find out what this new thing is over. Give him time and did not feel put under pressure. If he seems interested in the water, dip your hand in there to show that it is ok. Eventually he will realize what it is all about, and will begin to swim. Always use fresh clean water for bathing and drinking water.

Some products 'bird bath' are ready to help contain splashes, but I would not recommend it because they limit the range and can discourage swimming. The amount of spraying will vary depending on the bird. Some splash a bit, others throughout the square and the weatherman is a live report on the location to do.

(Of course there is always an exception. Try it and see if your Quaker happy to take a bath or not.)

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