Saturday, November 5, 2011

Have you ever heard about Silver Grey Parrots?

Ever wonder what is the most attractive of all species of parrots? This is the Silver Grey Parrots, or what is commonly known as African Grey Parrots. From Central Africa, the descendants of the parrots are very smart and very talkative. They can talk as long compared to other parrots, the Yellow headed Amazon parrots like. They are medium built and measured up to 10 to 14 inches long. Different types of Silver Grey Parrots existence, Congo African grays, with a reddish tail feathers and light gray and the Timneh African Greys have dark as anthracite and a deeper shade of red in their tails. Male parrots are actually larger than the female parrots. The male bird's size 12 to 14 inches long. Female birds of this type are usually small necks and narrower head than the male.

This is a great responsibility to ownership of pets, especially the species of parrots because they live longer, although the Yellow headed Amazons lived for 80 years, they live as long as 60 years. The parrots that really smart, so they should know and a very bright Fokker care of them. They also have numerous activities and social interactions, because all the parrots to do to avoid boredom. If they get bored they probably angry and start picking their feathers. None of the proper guidance, the resort makes a lot of race problems. You must offer as an owner, a long patience and understanding when it comes to caring for generations of parrots, because in the time tantrums too. If you train your parrot, like the Silver Greys act and well mannered, you can do so by undergoing a series of challenges on the road. Make it a point to be still able to discipline your pet in just a few challenges. They can be as easy to learn bad behaviors like learning a lot during their lifetime, so you should plan how to go about teaching your pet.

Silver Greys is actually an active breed of parrots. They love the interaction and play. From the wild, they tend to deal with their types and easy to fly together. They want very close and love to cuddle them their breeders. When you hear outbreaks, it means that their affection and love for you is revealed. However, they do not really scratched and petted them even go so far as to try and kiss. This should be avoided because the human salivary bacteria and can be dangerous for your pet. If a good hungry animals, you know your obligations and care for your parrot to do. They love someone and they do not want to stay depressed because it can lead to serious dangerous trends, such as pain and excessive use of their vocal cords.

Finally, as children, the Silver Greys have different positions them by the hour. It is in your hands to be able to train them and teach them good manners.

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