Sunday, November 6, 2011

Do you know that parrots also enjoy playing with toys?

Parrots are smart, they probably the best pet you can get. To prevent them from being bored, then you promote something for them to do and play with. That is why toys for parrots are so important.

If parrots are bored, they will start to pick, and will end with a big bald spot on his chest. Parrots crave stimulation and excitement. They love with their flocks, and they consider you a part of their flock.

If you do not have time to spend with your parrot, neurotic, and he can pick up some bad habits that you have to help him to learn. If you do not have time to spend with your bird, you the next best thing, give him some stimulating toys to play with.

Parrots are amazing puzzles, termination nodes, and the nuts and bolts of each other to solve. All parrots love to collect things with their beaks and run your tongue over it. Their tongue not only helps them to talk, it's a great sense of organ like parrots use their food to taste. But their tongue is a third hand for parrots.

It can be expensive to buy large parrot toys, parrot toys so many people like to do to cut down on costs. Cheap parrot toy is easy and fun to make. And your parrot will love to play with them.

To create your own parrot toys that you need a few simple tools, a hammer, a saw and a drill. You also need some scrap wood (a few meters from the 1x6 and 2x4 cut into triangle and square shapes). A few nuts and bolts (1 / 2 inch diameter bolts or greater), which sisal rope, a pair of leather straps, and a few pieces of the chain.

Drill some holes in the signs and fit bolts and tighten the nuts. Drill several small holes and tie the rope and leather straps through the holes. Put a few knots in the rope or leather and have them hand down about six inches or so. Connect the chain to the board and hang your parrot in a cage. He will do something to climb on, and will enjoy the UN bolts nuts and bolts and decoupling of nodes. My Cockatoo would weave the rope and actually taking the new holes and tie knots in the rope.

Parrots love bright colors so you can paint your homemade parrot toys to give him some visual stimulation. Because parrots will eat the wood, you can use a safe paint that will not harm your bird. Food coloring makes a great painting, the display tree bright red, green, yellow and blue and is not harmful to your parrot.

If you do not feel like a craftsman, so do not worry, you can still get your own parrot toys, without any work. Save the empty part of your paper towels and stick them through the bars of the parrot cage. Most parrots love them and it will shred your bird occupied hours.

Homemade parrot toys may not be as fancy as store-bought toys, but your parrot will have enough fun to play with them. If you have your own parrot toys to make you a lot of love in each one, and it's something you can not come up with a store bought toy. As you can see, make good toys for parrots do not have to be expensive.

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