Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tips and Ideas as how to get your parrot home safely

Shipping a parrot is a worrying time, but if you research the facts come to realize that it is not necessary, because with a good preparation, it is a very safe process. The shipping from abroad is slightly more problematic and can lead to problems with the health of your parrot and possibly death. The key with foreign shipping to deal with reputable and experienced aviculturist, and ensure that it complies with laws at the time. In this article we consider some of the factors involved in the delivery of your birds in a country, something that may be necessary if local farmers are not the kind you want.

Fly is a common mode of transport for birds, and it's not really stressful for them, even when they are young. Airlines are well prepared to pets in specific temperature and pressure controlled parts of the transport plane. Farmers on the other hand, places the bird in a special container designed for convenient transport.

The breeder will ensure that parrots a sufficient supply of food for the journey, and if a water is not wet food should be adopted to ensure that the birds are sufficiently hydrated. This is all fine and dandy as long as the parrot is weaned, but if the bird is not weaned, and there is a delay in shipping as a young bird could be in real trouble. For this reason it is advisable to only ship fully weaned birds.

Most parrots are sent young birds, and instead make it harder for the bird really easy when you consider that every hour they experience new things, spent a flight will be another experience. You'll often see a young bird just notices that it was shipped and embrace his new surroundings on arrival without a care in the world! In the worst case, a few days to acclimatise.

But as a precaution it is always advisable to your new parrot to the vet immediately. As much as to check for adverse effects of the flight is to verify that no virus or bacteria from breeding their surroundings. This is especially important if you have other birds, and your parrot has passed the first bill of health did not interfere with others in a shared aviary, or even shared room.

So you can see there is no reason to worry about sending a young bird, as long as the sender of the process is effectively controlled.

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