Sunday, November 28, 2010

Did you know the fact that Equine colic is a serious and severe condition that is common among horses

Colic is a severe and serious condition occurring in horses that are commonly known as stomach pain. Horse medicine is not commonplace in shopping malls and kiosks. There are specific companies that specialize in equine medicines that are available online and at pet shopping.
How do horses get this health problem?The general case of colic may be due to gastrointestinal disorders such as gas, food, blocking, and worms. Symptoms include anxiety, rolling, bloating, fatigue and strange postures. Sometimes the horse's foot in his stomach.
Best medical solution.There are a number of horses drugs, drugs that can treat colic, but note that some drugs are not drugs. The most common treatment is Buscopan. It is an injectable antispasmodic drug that calms the colon to spasm - causing the muscles to relax. It is usually effective within 10 minutes and showing no additional symptoms. Although these drugs are often used, any form of medication given only after an approval by the veterinarian. When improperly administered, the worsening of the Horse, because it usually increases the heartbeat of a horse half hours after ingestion.
Other recommended medications.Other drugs will be an herb, Bones, who also has antispasmodic. Other painkillers, sleeping pills and laxatives can also be given - a mixture of crushed aspirin with bran mash will encourage horse to eat.
There are other medications that can cause colic problems. Various sources say that if the horse has been treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), horse with colic problems breakout after 24 hours. Although some NSAIDs can cover the horse pain, it can cause some kidney problems for horses.
Equine Products are to provide immediate help for your horse health problem to provide, but still the best way to get a horse disease prevention is to avoid by making sure your horse to give the best performance supplements by buying drugs from recognizable horse medicine.

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