Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tips and Ideas that will help you to Grow a Horse Mane easlily

How to be mane of a horse is not as much of a mystery. There is a point that almost all owners of horses when I see it near a horse, I just cringe! I have a sudden urge to grab it and throw it in the trash. It is definitely ruin your horse's mane and tail faster than a hungry goat. What is it and ask you? It is a comb!

The first thing I want to do is throw your mane comb! You will NOT need or use it again! A comb is doing more damage to the mane and tail than anything short of a scissors. It may be the number one thing that stands in your way to achieve the beautiful look you want.

I shudder when I see people combing away horse shows or training let me visit. They are just preoccupied with ripping the hair, it took months or even years to grow. Get rid of it NOW! I promise you will not miss it. Not even when you've got long, luxurious, magnificent mane and tail, we strive for.

Now that I got that off my chest, I'll tell you what you need. All you need to neaten up a messy detangle mane or a stiff brush human hair brush. There are many different brands and variations of the comb I want too, but the kind I use is a "good" brand. They have them at Wal-Mart, several grocery stores and similar stores.

The one I use is a plastic handle and nylon bristles. It is often sold in local grocery stores and pharmacies in other hair products for men. It has to have either thin nylon or natural bristles, NOT the bone and not hard plastic type brushes. They should also be pretty tough. If it is too soft, it will go just above the hair without really accomplishing much.

I use this brush for everything from paying the mane and tail to tooth brushing mud off their legs and dust of the face. I seldom even get my body for a few quick brush strokes on the body or leg brush it gets out almost everything.

This is the only "tool" I use to cleanse and detangle the mane and tail. Keep reading to learn about homemade recipes you can do that is over stimulate the growth of your horse's mane and tail and how to be a horse mane.

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