Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips on things you can do to save some extra money with horses this winter

I have horses for many years and I can honestly say that although I love them, that's an expensive hobby, and while the proper care, I would also recommend looking at ways to save money. With three horses, my bills can be quite expensive, so I decided to make the following article to help horse owners about ways to save money writing. Like many people, I hate to think that my horse or not to have what they need, but we often wrap them in cotton wool and make a lot of things that are not necessary.
First you must consider the type of horse you have. Certain breeds are better off kept indoors in the winter cold and struggling with the finer varieties tend to not keep the weight well. She did not do so well because they have less body fat and therefore feels the cold more, they shake and this action increases the weight which means they have difficulty healthy in the winter. Do not be scared but you can easily access your horse through the winter and keeping their weight. Carpet them with heavy quilts and blankets, and neck as needed, you can always pop boots on when they need a little extra warmth. If you start them life with plenty of food, you do not have to be put into a stable, saving you lots of bedding and haylage. It will save you a lot of time mucking.

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