Monday, November 29, 2010

Do you know that you can train your Horse to do some basic and simple tricks

Education is a fun word. It can never be bought is one of the precious moments. Some of you find it difficult, but at the end of each session, you will find a rich reward, and you can enjoy more energy.
In the mean time an unlimited amount of training is required. You should not treat them as human beings. Words, no matter how talented people and animals are still animals is largely controlled by their instincts.
I believe you can teach me to share three simple tricks I'm writing this article. If you a beginner, perhaps the trick is not easy. However, if you love your horse over time, you just hand him or her to learn the magic piece of cake is willing to make.
Trick Number One: Bow
Materials needed
1) compensation or medical treatment (typically in the form of food)
Because horses can learn just one) is considered the most simple trick condescending. Bending is a form of fitness and you say your nose, you worthwhile to start with.
2) The horse can be an immediate reaction to the smell. Compensation for him and invited him tomorrow if they like, I think you smell. It does not recommend anything better worth his full attention to the rewards are subject to change.
3) compensation for the odor to draw the ground slowly.
4) Your right in the chest when he drops the nose, your lips to his dinner paid.
5), seconds before eating to improve their energy to the border and then, if you like, perhaps, or stroking his nose tickled by his body (Make sure you make a mistake) that the food until she reaches the food.
6) This trick is easy to maintain in their memory that can be expected. After a few days, your horse or down without compensation to you section.
Trick 2: pawing
Materials needed
1) Compensation
2) open space (preferably grass)
1) Hand reward your horse.
2) Slowly lift your legs I must say.
3) to show his hooves? If so, you'll hoof. If you let go of his legs means.
4) Take the bridge immediately, but slowly.
5) perform the strategy of many of your five or seven times in silence.
6) You pay him or her food, as well as to create each set.
Trick # 3: water crossing
Materials needed
1) a large shallow lake
2) Boots of the two men to wear
1) Start by taking a horse in the Everglades.
2)), water, slurping, and twiddle your interest (once you smell the signs, be generous in rewarding
3) go ahead and say a little slow on the lake please. One step is enough. Your horse moves forward, giving her the reward of the person or recommendation.
4) You're right to say that if you refuse to move back (b) from the ten steps I recommend.
If you want to jump right to say mean 5). Jumper is not the goal. Stick it in a quiet lake, said the goal is to teach.
6 and calmly talk to a pool of water.)
7) Repeat the whole process. You need to have a word or tap water to slurp Press.
8) provides a right to compensation or Thurs for stroke, is a hint to move forward with one leg.
Horse stiffens, if you are backing 9). Around a bit more than ten steps.
10) Conditioning is key here. To succeed, this process will take time.
Reward your horse to the lake, giving 11, then the next step increase in the number of cross), the

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