Sunday, July 3, 2011

Did you know that Turtles and dragons have been known to be the two big powerful symbolic Feng Shui element

Turtles and dragons have been known to be the two big powerful symbolic Feng Shui elements. The dragon alone, different meanings are symbolic and represent wealth, positive energy, fertility and immortality, not to mention a few. The dragon is believed to have a positive impact on people according to Chinese mythology.

The turtle is possible symbolic significance and permanence of show would work by dedicated and deliberate actions leading to inevitable success. The agreement between the two powerful symbols-the dragon and tortoise resulting in the formation of a single paragraph that Feng Shui is the power of both animals and brings in the longevity and success.

The Dragon Tortoise symbol with a dragon head and turtle's body. Tiny turtle is usually found on the turtle shell on his back and insists on Feng Shui element precious metal ingots and coins piled up together. Coins can often be found inside the mouth of the dragon.

Dragon Tortoise happens to be one of the four old friendly animals - dragon, tiger, Phoenix and dragon turtle. Feng Shui Product This is believed to have enormous potential due to the combined effect comes from a unique figure, a mix of dragon and tortoise. Dragon turtles can give your life Ren GUI, which means that people will help. The Ren gui can either be your boss or colleagues, clients or anyone who can do well for you. Otherwise, it can also help cure Feng Shui in disaster prevention and transform negative energy into positive energy value. But if the great potential of the Dragon Tortoise in its ability to attract wealth.

The Dragon Tortoise is a combination of two of the four celestial animals used in Feng Shui practice with a good combination to have agreed that harmonized well qualified both to improve and turtle dragon. This is such a traditional symbol used in ancient palaces to express peace, the emperor's long life and prosperity, and the country fixed rule. Today, this Feng Shui item used in the home as a symbol of peace and harmony, lifelong, status and wealth.

The dragon headed turtle commonly known as "Lou Shu 'and it is used in homes for protection, luck, success, prosperity and development.

Feng Shui elements to be in ideal position to have a real advantage. Dragon tortoise should be placed in such places when you need some beneficial effects. Feng Shui is believed to have large properties and some feng shui Feng Shui cures and enhancers for use in equipment from shops and Feng Shui. The kits are almost all feng shui remedies to help you get maximum benefit.

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