Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Follow these simple Do's and Don'ts when Breeding Your Discus Fish

One way of relieving stress at home to put a small aquarium that the atmosphere and the aesthetics of your environment should balance. Most owners of the aquarium will claim that having an aquarium in their home a peaceful environment that will indicate the presence of fish in your tank for this to happen has. A list of must-have freshwater fish so far is none other than the discus fish.

Fish present owners saw the potential for increasing their pets to make money. But first you must know that your discus fish will not be any other common goldfish. They cost a lot and multiply and sell them you can get big. You can do this if you are aware of what you do.

If you are new to breeding these fish, then maybe it is very difficult for you and if you stumble over the common mistakes that can be more than what you would need to earn to spend. You can start parsing the dos and don'ts on even multiplied your discus.

Do you need to know:

Do not use your existing small aquarium, it is best that you buy a large tank. If you are a discus fish a few, you have enough fuel for 27 liters of water. If you buy more pairs, make sure your tank is 75 liters of water, enough for at least 4 pairs of fish contain house.

Do not forget your fish a place for them in the bone. If you talk you talk about fish, remember that they are almost flat and vertical surfaces found at the bottom of a tank to lay. Some conclude that the best plants to deceive the other would claim that the use of revoked pots enough.

Contrast the diet you give your discus. If your discus fish is increasing, it is essential to help their reproductive systems. Besides the usual granules and pellets you feed, you can also have some frozen or fresh seafood and several bloodworms. Note also that discus fish are carnivorous.

Do not keep their house is suitable for the accommodation. Do so is to keep the pH level of your tank and the temperature in the accepted level where they are healthy. Your discus fish can experience stress when their water is dirty and if the water is subject to abrupt change.

The don'ts you need to remember:

Let your water tank is filled with debris, which accumulates at the bottom. If you let this happen, the debris that the development of bacteria and can cause your fish have the disease. It will impede the long-term increase of the fish.

Not feeding your fish overload. Give your pet fish in the recommended amount of food they need. Discus fish in their status are only fed twice a day.

Practice patience and do not rush things. Not only do you breed fish at night, keep trying at times.

Last but not least, remember what is obvious. You own both male and female to breed discus fish. Make it a point to examine how to distinguish a male from a female discus fish. Start with a few where you can distinguish between a man and a woman.

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