Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tips on how to enjoy fishing for a longer time

Fishing season is too short in most parts of the world!. For example, most people in Maine get up to 6 months in freshwater and saltwater anglers usually only 4 months in. Most fishermen want to be a lot more fish, and it is often possible with a little effort. Here are five ideas that can help.

1) Fish of several species. For example, I am a bass fisherman in the first place and decent fishing does not begin until May, but the trout fishing is very good in April and continues for trout I get a few extra weeks in the spring. Also, when bass fishing stops, there are plenty of other fish left.

2) If the water you are fishing near the fish, perhaps most of the water, there may be places still open for your favorite type of fishing. For example, when the trout and salmon fishermen in my state, the water close in the autumn during the breeding season, there are a few streams flowing into large lakes that remain open.

3) To get more fish during the height of the best seafood nights and rainy days too. You get more fish in the fishery, and is even better times in these moments. Fishing in the rain is fun when the weather is good, and night fishing can be absolutely deadly, especially in larger fish. But be careful at night!

4) Try to travel and fish. Travel does not necessarily mean much money, but it can be. Camping works well with fish for example.

Try a family holiday combined with a quick morning of fishing, or bring a small pack rod along when you travel for business, as I often do. Mysteriously to my travels, good fishing spots often extended a few days.

5) If, in the north, consider ice fishing. If you have never done, you can find it's your favorite type of fishing. Many rare fish in the warm weather, but concentrate on fishing through the ice.

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