Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Insight on some leading fish tanks

You might think it's a simple process to choose an aquarium for your home, but there are so many styles and sizes of the aquarium on the market when you start shopping you can realize that there is more to it than your first thinking.
But what kind of tanks are there and what considerations do you really need to do? Well it really depends on what exactly you are looking for, you just want a small tank with some fish to brighten up your living room, bedroom or even your office, or you may want A true center, where you can hold a number of tropical or marine fish.
Here we take a look at 5 of the leading manufacturers of gasoline and some of the aquariums in their range, and suggest what fish they are best suited for.

1) Red Sea Max - This series of fish aquariums come in a range of sizes from 130 liters to 500 liters. It is of utmost importance that you decide exactly where the idea is that it is placed before you add water, stones, corals, fish etc as once the tank is filled, you will probably find it too heavy on the move. Look to put it away from these features, direct sunlight or radiators as this will do to regulate the temperature much easier. The tank is attractive idea, coming from many accessories such as mechanical filtration, activated carbon and biological media, but what is included may vary depending on the tank you choose, you always look at what exactly is included in the model you've selected before you place your order. The 130-liter model is suitable for freshwater, marine and tropical fish and if you are looking more towards keeping freshwater or tropical then hold around 40-50 small fish (such as Tetra), 5-10 medium sized fish (like Gouramis) and 4 large (such Discuss) would be an approximation, how many fish you can have. If you want to keep it as a marine fuel tank, you'd be looking to keep 6-8 small fish from the sea (like gobies) or 4-6 medium-sized marine fish (such as clown fish) fish aquarium with rocks and coral. Freshwater, Marine and Tropical are also well suited to 250-liter version and the amount of fish you can keep it would increase to about two times relative to 130 if you want to add stones and corals, even number of fish kept you really want to depend on the quantity of stones and corals you are in the tank. The 500-liter model is more suitable for marine fish and depending on the kind of set it would be wise to seek advice about how many fish to keep, before making any purchases.

2) Juwel Aquariums - There are also a number of aquariums available in this area, and models starting with 120 liters to 300 liters. The fish tank come to mean and many of the models available in a variety of colors, including beech, dark wood and black. There are various utilities that come with each model, but it may vary from one another, so it is always better to check what exactly is included, before you put your order. On some models is a high-lite units and pipes, a radiator and bio filters, pump and filter media in the tank to help get you started. Like the Red Sea Max aquariums range, you definitely would be better to decide where you will put your tank before you start setting it up and it is recommended to place it away from all drafts and radiators to make it easier to keep the temperature. You should also look to keep it out of direct sunlight for the same reason. To give you a rough idea of ​​how many fish are suitable for each tank here is a brief guide: - (Example = Tetra small fish, gourami = Medium, Large = Discuss) 120 = Small 40-50, Medium 50-10, Big 4 125 = the 120 180 = Small 60, Medium 15, large 6 190 = 180 240 = 80 Small, Medium 20 Large 10 260 = 90 Small, Medium 25 Large 12 300 = 100 Small, Medium 30 Large 13 This guide will die very depending on your setup yourself as you seek to keep a marine tank with lots of rocks and coral suggested amount of fish that can change significantly if you are unsure always seek advice before making any purchases.

3) Aqua Medic Aquariums - In this series of aquariums is a choice of sizes and designs. The smallest tank is 140 liters and the largest is a fantastic 950litres. The range of aquariums is designed to keep marine fish in mind and is a great looking set of tanks. The tank measures 950litre 81.4inch L x W x H 29.4inch 67.6inch and then have a big space to fit in the aquarium and like all other tanks, it is highly recommended to place it where you want it before you set it up as the weight becomes too heavy to move when the tank is finished. The smallest of the Aqua Medic Aquariums (140L) is suitable for the same number of fish such as Red Sea Max 130 and the largest in 950l it really depends on exactly what type of fish you want to keep. Consequently be suggested to talk to a counselor when you have all the details on how you want your store and then aquatics expert whom you speak should give you a good idea of ​​how many fish are suitable for Your new tank.

4) BiOrb - If you are looking for a small aquarium with a living room room, or office then you may be better off looking to buy tanks from BiOrb series. There are many designs and sizes to choose from starting at BiOrb Baby is 15litres straight path to the new BiOrb 105, which is an impressive 105 liters. The type of fish tank can be used for freshwater, saltwater or tropical fish (even tropical and marine have to buy conversion kit / heater to get you started) and will be a focal point in any room with the original retro round bowl design, or smart and attractive living and BiUbe designs. There is also a large selection of interiors, which are specially designed to fit and compliment the idea to make it interesting for your fish and for you. The smallest of 15litres BiOrb range is suitable for a small number of fish, for example 6 Tetra or 1 or 2 fancy goldfish, but most of 105litres can easily house 36 80-10 Tetra or fancy goldfish.

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