Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tips and Ideas on how to care for your turtle

When you decide to get a turtle for a pet, you made a wise choice. Turtles can provide many years of enjoyment. Some of them may even live up to forty years if cared for properly. If you have children, it is a good pet for them to learn responsibility pet care. While knowing how to care for the turtle is not rocket science, it will take some teaching to do it properly. You should ensure you have enough time to care for your turtle properly, as neglect will cause a stinky accommodation and a very unhealthy, unhappy turtle.

1.Select a good home: the turtle will require lots of space to move around freely. You need a good size tank or aquarium, such as a 40 gallon aquarium. You need to provide a swimming area for your turtle and a place for them to sunbathe in leaves and rocks underneath will make the turtle feels like it is right at home.

2.Find an excellent source of heat: You'll find a good source of heat for your turtle. To learn how to care for the turtle, you need to know that a turtle maintains its body temperature by its surroundings. A heat lamp or other heat source will provide a place for your turtle to warm up.

3.Fresh water is a must: If you learn to care for the turtle, you will realize how important fresh water are reptiles. Not only turtles need fresh water daily, they also need frequent changes of water in their swimming area.

4.Know how you feed your turtle: turtle requires certain vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. If you want to learn how to care for the turtle, you might consider buying a diet book to your turtle. The reptiles can eat many different things, such as cooked meats such as turkey or chicken, worm, fruit and vegetables. There are also many add-ons available at your local pet store. You may also wish to buy food to add calcium to your diet turtle.

5.Keep your turtle safe from harm: Other pets may be very interested in your turtle, but they can really get the problem. Small children can not understand dropping a tortoise could have fatal consequences. Turtle should be protected from this type of risk. It is another specific area to be resolved when you learn to care for the turtle the right way.

6.Caring some turtle: If you decide to have more than one turtle, you need to know to care for the turtle lived. You need a larger residential and swimming areas. You may have to feed each turtle separately and in different areas of the tank. Sometimes turtles will fight when together. You can also end up in children if a male and female are housed together.

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