Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some clever ideas for simple cake decorations

Decorate your cake has cream custard National month can be one of the most satisfying thing to do. In your typical cake recipe baked in your favorite shape handle, or tin cans which are usually deeper than usual to allow for stratification, allow the following ideas to help you decorate Your quick and easy cream cake for a wonderful classical and elegant glazes design impress your family and friends.

The feathered Effect

You'll need:

1 Ready-prepared custard cake depth
110 g (3 ½ oz.) Apricot heavy or your favorite rush
316 g (10 oz.) Pure dark chocolate
100 g (3 ½ oz.) White Chocolate
Special Features

Brush pastry
Spray bag with duct assembly to write
Sharp knife or spear
Place the cake on a rack. Brush top and sides of cake to remove excess crumbs. In a small saucepan, heat rush then sieved into a bowl. The dense brush liberally over entire cake. This will anchor the butt crumbs and prevent them from working themselves shine. Let cake stand for an hour.

Melt the chocolate separately in heatproof bowls over pans of simmering water. When melted, spread evenly over top and sides of cake with spatula. Tablespoon white chocolate with clear piping bag and pipe evenly spaced parallel lines on top of cake.

Give the cake minutes turn so sharp pencil tip of a knife or skewer through the line, first in one direction, then the other, creating a feathery effect. Let the cake until chocolate is set before you move.

The diamond decorated

You'll need:

1 Ready prepared custard cake
250 g (8 oz.) Seedless raspberry rush rush or your own
110 g (3 ½ oz.) Walnuts or walnuts, chopped smooth
200g (1 cup) powdered sugar
Special Features

Large serrated knife
Brush pastry
Large metal skewers
Cut the vanilla cream cake horizontally into two parts with a serrated knife. Spread 2 / 3 of jam cake filling and sandwich together. Brush top and edges to remove excess crumbs. In a small saucepan melt the remaining parts or rush and brush evenly over entire cake with a pastry brush.

Spread the chopped walnuts or peanuts on a piece of foil. With one hand on top of the cake and the other below, carefully turn the cake on its side and roll in nuts until the edges are evenly covered. Sift powdered sugar into heavy on top of cake. Use gloves heat and holding spears safe, heat it over the fire until very hot. Put it once the top of the cake, first one way then the other, to form large diamonds with slightly caramelizing sugar. Heat spikes often before repeating the procedure. You can also create other designs using your heated spear.

There you go. I hope that two clever ideas for simple decorations can be a perfect way to be creative and make a wonderful custard cake centerpiece throughout the month of May.

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