Saturday, July 2, 2011

Plush Toy Turtle

In 2003, when Disney released the ever-popular animated movie "Nemo", the sale of turtle plush toy undoubtedly went through the roof. Crush, his son Squirt, with the entire staff of the sea turtle thrill seeking, are some of the toughest marine life ever seen on the big screen, making it even more coveted as a Teddy bear. Turtle plush toy, a crush and squirt, is still available today, along with many other types of turtle.

Turtles have existed for more than 150 million years, they are part of the family of reptiles, and live in every ocean, swamp, lake, pond or stream the entire world, except Antarctica. Turtle soft body is covered with a hard shell composed of 59-61 feet (covered by sheets), some turtles can pull their head, feet and tail for protection (they are "hidden turtle neck "). Their shell is permanently attached to their backs and chest so they could not climb out of it. As people who feel pain by their fingernails, turtles feel pain and pressure through their shell.

There are seven different types of turtle: Mud and animals, pond and marsh, sea (as the crush and squirt), side-neck snapper, soft-shelled, and turtles. Whatever the type, like all reptiles, turtles are cold-blooded and adapt to any temperature environment they live in.

Among the 250 or so species of turtle, all of them are classified as "turtle", "turtle" and "tortoise." Turtles are reptiles that spend most of their lives in the water, as is the case, usually has webbed feet for swimming. Their bodies are specially designed for life in the water, they have streamlined bodies and long legs, which act like flippers. Ocean tortoises spend most of their lives in water, except when women come to earth to lay their eggs. Tortoises that inhabit ponds and lakes will crawl out of the water to bask in the sun, and can also burrow into the mud when it's cold. Tortoises, on the other side is grounded partly in food residents shrubs and grass in some cases cactus. Instead of webbed feet, turtles foot rotation and stumpy to go ashore. Turtles usually live in hot, dry habitats and dig holes with their feet to escape the sun. In contrast to turtles and tortoises turtles spend time on both land and water, although they can always be found close to the life of certain types of rivers, lakes or ponds.

It is not surprising Turtle Bear is so popular - they are an amazing creature that gives kids lots to learn about. And for kids who are not yet ready to have a small pet turtle Turtle plush toy is a great alternative. The next time you're in the market to buy a stuffed animal, you should seriously consider the turtle plush toy instead of a 'typical' Teddy Bear. Like a Teddy bear, turtle plush toys give your children endless hours of fun.

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