Monday, July 18, 2011

Do you want to start your own Baking Business!

Do you have a dessert or pastry that receives rave reviews every time you do it? Did you ever know if your product is successful in the market? If you need additional income or an escape from your current job?

A favorite product that you made again and again, be the answer to your question and your financial problems. You can keep the recipes for the next U.S. 1,000,000 dollars pastry. Often repeated praise from the mixed audience, suggests that your product has market potential. Restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops, caterers, hotels, local retail consumers, online shoppers, etc. are looking for new products and quality products are always in demand.

Now before you start selling these wonderful pastries important things you need to put in place to make your business legal. While there are many important steps to starting your home-based baking business, I decided to focus on two principal who will lay a good foundation for a successful home business.

The first step in creating your home baking business is to know when you will be able to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to operate. Before you proceed with this step, I tell you that you will not be allowed / licensed to prepare food for commercial sale from your personal kitchen (kitchen used to prepare your personal food). You will be prompted to enter a separate kitchen for the company. It is my view that any U.S. state enforces the rule / health code among others. Your local governing body, ... business license office, zoning department and the Department of Agriculture / Health can answer any questions about the regulation and preparatory work, as they relate to your area.

Note that not all cities, counties and states have the same ordinances, rules and codes. For example: ordinances in your city or county may prohibit the operation of food at home, Oregon, the location of your property falls into a restricted zone for home-based food companies. Invest a little time and effort to several phone calls or in-person visits to the office.

When you have "yes" answer will allow you to create a home food business, the next step: choosing a room or area of ​​your home for baking, get estimates for renovations, pricing equipment (only what is needed to boot), creating a much needed starting budget and write a business plan (although short, for your personal use).

Because many questions were asked about the difficulties of creating a home business baking under the code and regulations, I felt it necessary to briefly discuss the topic from an experienced viewpoint. The level of difficulty to create your home business is more often than not, minimal compared to opening a bakery in a commercial location. The amount of work to be done will vary for each person, depending on the current state of the designated workplace. If the selected place to work is no electrical wiring, plumbing, finished wall or floor covers, of course, your startup cost more than it is if some of these things are in place. To make an informed decision, you first need to determine the actual cost for repairs. Do not leave any price, no matter how small. This could have a negative impact on your bottom line.

Before making a final decision on whether to start this project, considering the value you calculated to be relevant to your needs, desires and willingness to have a home-baking business.

Several years ago, I personally setup and run a home business baking. It is made in accordance with the rules and guidelines for my county. I can tell you that the whole project is far less expensive than leasing, renovating and maintaining a commercial location. One of the many attractive features to operating this business from home is that you have the time to create / renovate the kitchen space at your own pace without having to pay extra overhead. My renovations took place over a period of 3-4 months. I lean budget dictated I complete one task at a time, sometimes a long break in between. However long it takes to get your kitchen up and running, you have the time with no extra overhead or money pressures.

If baking is an area of ​​interest to you, stop sitting on the sidelines. You owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities. Do not be discouraged by the discouraging comments from others. Do your own research. Learn what is involved. Know if it is done for you. After all, there will be challenges in any business you start.

Passion and enthusiasm for your product and company open the doors to part-time income. With continued interest and patience, your part-time endeavor developed a sweet, useful, full-time baking business.

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