Monday, July 4, 2011

What is the best place to buy Tortoise

If you are thinking of buying a turtle, there are some factors to consider. Not the least of your budget to buy a turtle can cost $ 50 - $ 500, depending on the age and type of turtle. However, this is not the end of the story! You should consider the costs of setting houses turtle and heating, lighting, making this case clean and natural feeding your pet turtle.

So if you think you need to buy a turtle for an open mind on how much your new pet will cost you.

Which turtle buy?

The best way to buy a turtle go to a reputable and experienced Breeder turtle. You can find these at your local pet store usually advertising or even the local vet. Specialized magazines and websites have links to follow, so you can hopefully a turtle Breeder in your area.

What to ask when buying a turtle?

If you have a local Breeder turtle with a few questions to ask him. First you want to see the parents of turtle you buy to see if they are healthy and well maintained. The place where the parents are held to give you a good idea to promote the professionalism of the Breeder.

If you can not find a local Breeder turtle could be that your pet turtle buy at local pet stores. You are the pet owner a few questions about the origin of the turtle, but he should be too much information for you. So if you want to buy a pet turtle, you need a little know how to spot a sick turtle.

How To Spot a sick turtle?

Eyes: These should be bright and clean and colorless discharge. They are not brittle

Shell: It must be difficult (depending on the species of tortoise shell with softer)

Warning: Your pet turtle should be alert and active.

Nose: It should not resign or call.

Mouth turtle should be easy breathing through the nose not his mouth.

General Health: No obvious signs of damage to the shell and foot, and there is no cure around the anal area of ​​the turtle.

Finally, if you want to buy a turtle from your best plan is to find a local Breeder turtle, where you want the parents of turtle you want to buy and how the older turtle is kept seeing. However, if you can not find a local Breeder turtle turtle might have bought at your local pet store. In this case you should look for the turtle to buy a good plan. Look for obvious damage or disease. Even if you're not used to dealing with a pet turtle be able to quickly see if the turtle you are handling are unhealthy.

Moderate, the Breeder or pet owner must give you a warranty. This may not be for long, but allow enough time for your new pet turtle to the vet for a thorough check-up. Buying turtle can be a daunting task given the amount of the turtle, but if you follow some simple rules that will hopefully be able to turtle healthy and free of disease and parasites to buy ..

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