Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aging Cats

Just like our cats age, their body no longer functions as good as before. Like us. I'm sure most of us have noticed our grandparents require more care as they age. Our senior cat should be monitored closely for signs of body function is not as good as them.
Pain is something your older cat is the risk. Sometimes this is due to changes in the kidneys, and sometimes it is for other organs in the body can not function properly. If the heart is not working at full capacity, have a reduced blood flow through the body and the kidneys.
Once the first signs of kidney disease is an increase in water consumption and urination. However, these symptoms may also put cat diabetes and many other medical problems. If you notice your cat drinking and frequent urination, drowsiness or fatigue or constant scratching, with weight loss (mostly muscle), please contact your veterinarian can be due to the loss of renal function. Your cat is an appetite for building up toxins in the bloodstream. Anaemia is an indicator of possible kidney problems gums so check your cat is to ensure that they are still a healthy pink.
Remember, the stones will begin to increase their ability to filter the blood and removing waste products that an increase of toxic substances in the body of your cat means losses. Make sure you always have to drink enough fresh water for your cat. When the water is treated with chemicals, that is the case with many local authorities these days, give your cat to drink filtered or bottled water. If you drink bottled water, so should your cat.
Unfortunately there are often no obvious signs of kidney failure in approximately 60-70% of the stones are no longer functional. This is why it is very important to be aware of your older cat habits and note any changes.
The liver is something else starts to deteriorate with age. Healthy liver function is essential for the health of your cat. It detoxifies the blood and produces chemical and proteins necessary for the metabolism to function properly. If the liver is not working effectively, your body cat is unable to detoxify itself properly. This in turn will accelerate the aging process. Cats can also get "fat liver" or "loony lipidosis if they stop eating for a few days. This can be life-threatening cause your cat eats. Liver can heal itself, but you must feed it a high quality with a high protein diet for several weeks and stopped feeding them dairy products like milk.
If you're the white part of the eye notice your cat is looking yellow, immediately contact your veterinarian jaundice is one of the most important indications of a problem in the liver.
If the cat is older anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis, be aware that some of these can lead to kidney and liver when used over a longer period. Talk to your vet about it as you are concerned.
I also talk to your veterinarian about some probiotics to help the toxins in the body decrease. Why not learn about the herbs and / or homeopathic remedies to help your cat older rock or liver problems.
While all this may seem like a lot of work, caring for your cat and feed it the best food that u can afford Throughout life can help reducing problems as they age. And after looking for an older cat that gave you years of love and joy is a small price to pay.

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