Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tips on how to trim your cats nail properly

Massage or play with their feet at a young age is showing them that it's OK for someone to their feet and pads of their feet to keep them without pain. It goes hand in hand with trust, you want your kitten to you to trust, so as they grow into a cat that is not a struggle to do the procedure.
When ready to cut your cats nails make sure they are resting in your lap or on a table or flat surface of the floor. Hold her legs in one hand slowly and gently on the nail on the toe. You'll notice a pink tint to his nails, it is the "fast" and the exact area you want to shave. You really need to clip approximately midway between the nail and the quick.
If the cut is fast, so it can not be scared about. The bleeding, but only for a moment. This is where the styptic powder is used. If by chance that it will cut his finger just pat the powder and it will develop bleeding almost immediately.
After an episode of this nature or if your cat gets all irritated by the process, it is okay to let him take a break. Let her play and rest if he wants. All his nails do not have to do at a time, you still have a chance. Get her a treat, rubbing and love him and let him it was good.

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