Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There are certain things that you can do for overwight dogs

Canine love food. Most will continue as long as something nice to eat in front of them. Unfortunately, unless your dog has an incredibly fast metabolism, or are very active, catering his voracious appetite leading to obesity. In this way, like pets but their owners. Excessive intake of calories combined with a lack of physical activity leads to weight gain. It also opens the door to many potential health problems.
In this article we take a look at canine obesity. You learn to determine if your pet is suffering from a weight problem, and if corrective measures. We will also have a number of health problems caused by obesity. Finally, we give a few tips for a diet that your dog will help you lose those extra pounds to create.
How a weight problem to identify
If your pet is obese, the problem clearly. The contours of his body when viewed from above will lack the characteristic active slope against his thighs, a healthy dog. You'll also be able to feel his ribs without pressing on his skin. Veterinarians will feel a pet shoulders and hips to determine how much fat covering them. They will also monitor your dog's body from side to check to check on his stomach turns up behind the chest.
Based on these results, a veterinarian, assign a weight score for your pet. The score varies from one to nine, one means that your dog is severely underweight and nine: a problem of obesity. If your pet is overweight, consult your veterinarian to identify any existing health problems fixed.
Canine health problems due to obesity
Overweight means vital organs and joints are forced to work harder on their work to perform. Over time is a slow process of decline. Your dog joints and bones will probably suffer. This makes it possible to develop arthritis, which has become increasingly worse, unless your dog's weight problem is solved. Ligaments, will also be tightened, and in some cases they may tear.
Hypertension is a different matter because obesity. Your pet will start heart work harder to circulate blood around his body growing even if its extra weight puts more pressure on. His lung capacity will also suffer, because there is less room for his lungs to expand. This in turn leads to reduced fitness and difficulty breathing.
Finally, obesity is causing problems with your dog digestive system, reproductive and immune systems. His quality of life will decline. For these reasons it is important to a healthy diet for your dog to do to help him lose weight. This will preserve its long-term health.
Creating a healthy diet for your dog
First, the temptation to keep your dog on a crash diet to avoid. Instead, create a goal for him to lose between one and two pounds per week. This is a healthy weight loss plan.
Second, resist the urge to take account of your dog means more food. If you cut his calorie consumption gradually, he will not starve. Do not forget to give him to risk his long-term health.
Thirdly, your pet to exercise increases. Both humans and dogs are gaining weight because their caloric intake exceeds their calorie burn. By lowering your dog's calories, while increasing their physical activity, he will quickly lose weight, without compromising his health.
Fourth, avoid your pet to treat the table. Instead, treat the dog food they need without unnecessary fat and calories extra to offer.
Millions of dogs are overweight, because their owners give them too much food without enough exercise. If you find that your dog has a few extra pounds, work with your veterinarian to design a healthy diet and exercise plan to help him trim naar beneden.

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